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Simply to live!

And again about inclusion. Not in theory, but in practice. Inclusive education means accessible education for everybody, adjustment of educational system and process to different needs of children, to their special educational needs. Ideology of inclusive education excludes any discrimination of children, ensures equal attitude towards all people, but at the same time creates conditions […]


NGO “BelAPDIiMI” has taken part in shooting of a special release of talk show “Forum” – about people with boundless will, incredible charm and life that inspires. A well-known in Belarus and abroad fashion model with infantile cerebral paralysis – Angelina Wales has become one of the heroines of the broadcast. Angelina’s family has been […]


During many hundreds of years women have struggled as hard as they could to make this world better for all of us. Careful, gentle, attentive, strong, true – they have graced the pages of our history, and for someone have become an example. Every week within the framework of the contest “Strong Women” we will […]

Dreams come true!

Time flies unnoticeably. New Year holidays have already come to the end. All the children were looking forward to this holiday. And every child believed that Grandfather Frost would knock at his door and all the dreams come true. NGO “BelAPDIiMI” did not stand aside and announced a contest “Letter to Grandfather Frost.” It was […]