When tulips bloom… on the trees


P6220072Summer days in the department of “social rest” are unusual and festive.

In June Matvey from Minsk, Tatiana, Alex and Igor from Zhodino, and two girls from Pukhovichi – Anna and Anastasia were in “the rest”.

During their stay in the department boys and girls went to the cinema, to the exhibition of toys and to photo exhibition, to the amusement ride in the park. But a walk in the Botanical garden was the most unexpectedly wonderful adventure. Tulips bloom in the spring. Are tulips in May unusual?! Is it late spring or late kind of tulips? But the bloom of yellow tulips on June 22… and they blossomed on the tulip tree of the Botanical garden in Minsk. This is really unusual and festive.

Kids went home but great impression and good mood will remain forever in the soul of each of them.


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