Bogdanovich family

The story is told by Elena Bogdanovich, Alexey’s mother

“Good Lord! This can’t be true! Why me?!” – I think these questions are asked by every mother who hears a doctors’ dreadful judgment, “Your child is seriously ill…”


Our wonderful, blue-eyed boy, Lyoshenka Bogdanovich, was born perfectly HEALTHY. Our hearts missed a bit when we saw him making his first steps, when he was babbling “mo-ther”! But when our child turned 1 in winter 2007, sudden terrible things started happening. We noticed strange acute multiple nods and sudden falls. Previously acquired skills were almost lost. Doctors, examinations. A sentence: “Epilepsy. Generalized cerebral affection.”

My baby lost even an ability to smile. I was dying every time he had an attack. His blue eyes were full of sufferings: “Mother, help me, it hurts me!” Helplessness. Despair. I wish no one ever felt this way.

The things happened in our life became a terrible ordeal for our family and our nearest and dearest people. Some false friends disappeared. Andrew, Lyosha’s brother and our elder son, had to become a grown-up very soon. He started earning on the side at the age of 13, as we needed expensive medicine and rehabilitation.

Lyosha’s illness taught us to value each other, care for each other and be more considerate and responsible. Andrew is now a young man, and he is always ready to help me and share my worries about Lyosha with me. Thanks to my son I managed to fulfill myself and participate in different activities carried out by NGO “BelAPDIiMI”. Andrew once said, “Mom, you should do the things you are interested in!”

We saw a beam of hope one day. “If you find this medicine, you can save your child.” And we managed to find the medicine. Spasms stopped. The situation changed for the better…

However, our son’s intelligence wasn’t recovered. And again doctors, animal therapy, special pedagogues. I was waiting and waiting to hear a word “mother”! And I finally heard it – my baby pronounced this word! Since that very moment I started believing in miracles! 


People who meet Lyoshka for the first time can’t believe that he is ill. He is a cute boy with a nice smile. You will see profundity and craftiness in his eyes. He perceives other people in a surprising way. He is a naughty, prankish and restless boy when he spends time with his mother. He changes strikingly when he is with a teacher, he become an obedient pupil then. He is shy and quite with men. Lyoshka is so good in the world of technologies (the internet), while his real toys lie in a box and miss his attention. How amazing kids are – they don’t know how to speak, write or read, but they master modern gadgets so easily. 


Attacks still happen very often, but Lyosha never cries without a reason. Even when he feels acute pain, he endures it with fortitude. But when he watches his favourite cartoon and sees the main heroes crying, he can sob bitterly.


Lyosha attends special school for children with intellectual disabilities at the moment; he learnt numbers and many other things. And the most important thing is that he can make his mom happy by one touch or smile.

When you have a special kid, your family is your whole world. We become sad, we lead a secluded life, our child becomes the most important thing in our life, and we live day by day in dullness, worries and sorrows.

I decided to break loose from this circle of despair, so I became a member of NGO “BelAPDIiMI”.

A new world was at my feet. People, who understand my pain, can give advice and support me. I found opportunities for self-fulfillment. Different activities, theatres, visits to a dolphinarium, presents! Seminars, educational courses! I couldn’t diversify my life in such a way before because I had no necessary resources and funds. For example, a winter off-site school helped me to broaden the horizons of my world view, taught me many things and inspired me.


Art-therapy lessons filled me with peace and quiet, touched the strings of my creative soul which were deeply hidden up to then.

Our children’s kindness has no limits. But they are so defenseless at the same time. That is why the activity of our organization (NGO “BelAPDIiMI”) is aimed at helping children and young people with disabilities and their families. Unfortunately, it is still so difficult for people, who are DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS, to live within our society. Let’s all together try to make our world kinder!