фотоДляСайтаNon-governmental organization “Belarusian Association of Assistance to Children and Young People with Disabilities” (NGO “BelAPDIiMI”) and Gallery TUT.BY are jointly organizing a round table “Creation of social advertising on the theme of disability” under the motto “TERRITORY OF ART – TERRITORY OF EQUALITY”. The activity will be held within the framework of the project “Art for inclusion of people with disabilities” with support of the US Agency for International Development (USAID).Date: October 29, 2015.

Time: beginning at 16.00, registration from 15.30.

Venue: Gallery TUT.BY, Dzerzhinskogo avenue, 57, 9th floor.

Aims of the activity: to discuss interest in social advertising on the theme of disability from the part of “client” and from the part of “executor”, to reveal the complexity in creation high-quality content on this theme in Belarus, to identify possible ways of solving social advertising problems.

Invited to participate: designers, artists, filmmakers, teachers and students of the Academy of Arts, advertising agency, representatives of mass media and “Belteleradiocompany “, representatives of the ministries of culture and information, non-governmental organizations and people with disabilities.

One of the purposes of social advertising is to draw attention to socially significant problems and possible ways of solving. Social advertising is more actively placed on free bases by state bodies on television, outdoor advertising, by distributing leaflets. At the same time quality of social advertising often does not fit modern tendencies and has significantly lower quality in comparison with commercial advertising in aesthetic relation and from the point of efficiency, creation and placing of social advertising is often spontaneous and uncoordinated.

Interest in creation of social advertising on theme of disability is not currently manifested in the form of the final product, even though the country has advertising and television organizations with sufficient experience and creative potential to produce social advertising of high quality.

One of the reasons of this situation – fact that creators have not real idea about the image of a person with disability, about his life, everyday problems, conditions of interaction with society. So distortion of the transmitted image often occurs in advertising through existing stereotypes. To get a result satisfying “client”, it is necessary that authors of an advertising product face this theme themselves or were absorbed in the theme by a specialist or a person with disability.

The project “Art for inclusion of people with disabilities” is aimed at overcoming stereotypes in society towards people with disabilities with help of social advertising. As a result of the project products of social advertising were created: video and audio commercials, billboards, maintenance and development of which require discussion. Thematic round table “Creation of social advertising on the theme of disability” is organized for this purpose.

Moderator: curator of gallery TUT.BY, art historian Tatiana Bembel.

Additional information: (375 33) 66 10 385 Irina Logvin, coordinator of the project “Art for inclusion of people with disabilities” of NGO “BelAPDIiMI”.

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