10401370_645952228831600_7336110868711721602_nIn 2015, NGO “Belarusian Association of Assistance to Children and Young People with Disabilities” will continue publication of a series of brochures “Ordinary people” about adult people with intellectual disabilities.

Through materials that will be included into the brochure we want to show what hidden opportunities people with disabilities have: “I can do more than you think of me”, what are the opportunities  of training and development of an adult person with disabilities as well as to consider the influence of people with special needs on society.

Published materials will be addressed to families bringing up young people with disabilities, specialists working in the field of providing assistance and support to these people, employees of various government and public institutions, students of profile higher educational institutions as well as adult people with mental disabilities and the general public.

All mentioned target groups need comprehensive and complete information about the life of adult people with intellectual disabilities. The quality of work of practitioners, for example, depends not so much on what new methods they use but on the internal desire and personal attitude towards people with mental developmental disabilities. Heads and employees of various organizations and institutions also need the fullest information in order to properly and “in the modern course” organize assistance for adult people with disabilities. Students of profile higher educational institutions, first of all, have to feel the real life of people with intellectual disabilities and understand their needs, because only in this case, they can become highly professional specialists. It is important for parents of people with intellectual disabilities to know that they are not alone in their problems, that certain changes occur in attitude to their children and conditions for their future independent life are improving.  It is important for people with mental disabilities to express their opinion and to be heard. Brochure “Ordinary people” as a narrowly focused thematically informational platform will help meet this need in comprehensive information.

We invite all stakeholders to cooperation


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