Golden season

№8-2Autumn. Golden season of the year. Leaves fall slowly from trees. The harvest was gathered from vegetable gardens and fields. Now we can forget about work and household chores, the noise of the city to rest and improve health.

Thanks to support of Swedish Bible Centre “Arken” 31 people got opportunity to go to the children’s Health Center “Hope of the 21st century” which is situated on the shore of the reservoir Vileika in a beautiful pine forest. There is everything here for improving health:

 Comfortable guest houses

 Rational 4 meals a day

 Treatment and rehabilitation services

 Playgrounds (trampoline, swing)

 Stadium, bicycles

 Every day is full of different activities.

 At the first day we went to excursion to the center which was organized by the staff of the center.

 The price includes treatment. Deputy Director on medical work Irena Eduardovna met us kindly here. Different treatment was prescribed to parents, children and young people with disabilities after medical examination.


 A trip to the reservoir Vileika, excursion on bicycles and master class which was carried out by Selitskaya Oksana Albertovna did not leave anyone indifferent. Everyone wanted to leave something made with their own hands.

 It was a pleasant to see guests from church “Glory of God”. They brought goodies for a picnic.


 Six unforgettable days passed very quickly. The participants got force to leave further and they believed that there are people willing to help. We hope that in 2014 there will be people who will help make someone’s dream come true.



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