The weather was wonderful on May the 12th. On that very day families from Baranovichi and Pinsk member organizations of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” visited a beautiful estate “Naturlich” in the village Dekoly (Baranovichi region). Thanks to the congregation and the heads of 2 churches “Ascension” from Baranovichi and Pinsk this trip was made possible. Children and young people with disabilities living in these cities could meet and spend time together.

Everyone who wanted could hold animals in their hands, could play with them and feel their warmth. Both children and adults were happy and delighted.

The visitors were especially impressed by the dogs who seemed to be so kind, strong and confident. We saw their grace, intangibility and flexibility, could feel their endearment.

When the excursion to the contact zoo was finished, the adults could communicate with each other and children could frolic on the swings and trampoline.

When we returned back to the church, we were treated with a delicious food made by professional cooks. Then, after having a rest, we took part in an interesting programme organized on the territory of the church: we were making amazing animals with sand and inflating giant soap bubbles.

Everyone, including children with physical disabilities, could roll on the swings, as there are swings in the territory of the church one could approach in a wheelchair.


All the children and youngsters could make beautiful paper lambs and postcards for their mothers.


The festival was a success and we would like to say thanks to the organizers of this wonderful holiday!


Maxim Gordeev,

Baranovichi primary organization of NGO “BelAPDIiMI”

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