It is very hard to look after people who have serious movement limitations. However, it is possible to preserve a person’s with disabilities and a carer’s health by means of kinaesthetics. Kinaesthetics means the perception of your own motions. If you understand how you should move, you can help a person with physical limitations to use his own body to the maximum to perform different operations. The knowledge of the basics of kinaesthetics will help you to make a person with physical disabilities change his seat, to make him seat down or uplift him even if he weighs a lot. Besides, you won’t overtax your strength and you won’t need help of other people. A temporary task group had being working from June to October 2017 within the framework of the project “Improved social services for people with disabilities”. The group worked in close cooperation with Kalinkovichi regional organization “Belarusian Red Cross Society”. The aim of the group was to teach parents from Kalinkovichi and Mozyr primary member organizations and specialists from the centres the basics of kinaesthetics. The participants of the task group got theoretical knowledge of the idea of kinaesthetics and practical knowledge of care for children and young people with severe movement disorders.


The usage of the gained skills in practice promotes development of motor competences of people with disabilities, increases their independence in doing everyday life activities, allows preserving parents’ and specialists’ health.  

Tatiana Sirosh, an employee of Kalinkovichi regional organization “Belarusian Red Cross Society” and a certified trainer in kinaesthetics, was the regional coordinator of interdepartmental cooperation in the task group.

Oksana Pekhtereva from Kalinkovichi said: 
“I would like to say a thousand “thank you” to NGO “BelAPDIiMI” for finding a professional trainer on kinaesthetics. Tatiana Sirosh is a wonderful woman. We learnt a new system named kinaesthetics thanks to her. This is a miracle which made my daughter’s life easier. And I know how to achieve this miracle – I know how to develop and improve a person’s with disabilities motor abilities. I will use in practice and teach other people all the skills you taught me.”


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