Traditions have not been changed

rp_лето-1-250x176.jpgLogoisk primary organization of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” has been organizing work of camp “Path of health” during last five years.  Children and young people with disabilities together with their parents have an opportunity to spend three days in the open air. Rest home “Logoiskij” has been welcoming our families all this time. Chairperson of the district association of trade unions Vladimir Zhdanenya introduced us to the director of this base – Aleksandr Afonchenko who has solved the organizational issues related to our stay immediately. Houses have been allocated, firewood has been prepared, braziers for cooking were provided.

Department of Education, Sport and Tourism helped with transport. Parents collected money for refueling the bus. By the way, they have always shown interest in organization of the camp and take an active part in its work.

15 children and 15 parents went to the lake this time. A family from the primary organization of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” from neighboring Minsk district joined us to exchange experience.

The program was drawn up in such a way that time went interesting and useful. Everyone could express himself in designing the room, making bouquets, creating a costume, singing and dancing.

Логойск лето 3


Логойск лето 4

The visit of our countrywoman Natalya Mironchik having many children to the camp has become a pleasant surprise. She and her daughter have prepared and conducted a fascinating contest, treated everyone to fruits. And fishermen having a rest on the bank of the river Slizhanka provided us with fresh fish for soup.

Логойск лето 5

Логойск лето 2

It should be said that our camp is possible thanks to the sponsorship assistance. All these years it has been provided by the chairperson of Logoisk regional consumer society Irina Parahnevich. It is the second year when the head of OOO “Ekolin and K” Grigory Titov has been supporting us.


I would like to express the words of gratitude to everyone who understands our problems and is ready to support our initiatives!

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