DSC_0298A unique creative activity took place on February 23-26 at the City Cultural Center of Gomel city. Specialists of the International Cultural Organization Share Music Sweden carried out an inclusive mini-course within the framework of the project “Sofit”. It was aimed at providing assistance and strengthening opportunities of people with special needs in society with help of artistic means of expression.

The participants of the course were specialists of Territorial Center for Social Services of Gomel city, Gomel Regional Center for Correctional and Developmental Training, lectures and students of BSPU named after M. Tank, musicians of the group “Echo of the earth”, parents and young people with disabilities of Gomel city organization of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” and the primary organization of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” of Molodechno city.





The professional team consisting of the director of the cultural organization Share Music Sweden Sophia Alexandersson, project coordinator Natalia Pettersson as well as choreographer Michaela Lyusigius, composer and musician Paul Boten, assistantJohanna Hann, carried out a mini-course participants of which were people with different opportunities, abilities, and experience.

Young people with disabilities equally with musicians, choreographers and specialists participated in the development of the concept of a creative work, and then all together embodied it. According to the idea of the choreographer and composer, participants were divided into five small groups, each of which worked with a concrete theme: “Fear”, “Dream”, “Memory”, “Surprise”. Innovative electronic equipment, classic and rare ethnic musical instruments – didzhiridu, darbuka, kalimba were used in work. Due to variety of musical instrument and creative methods, all without exception were able to participate in the creative process.



During four days all participants of the course have worked hard to create a creative performance “Magical stories” which was presented to the public on February 26. All spectators appreciated creativity of the performance and richness of creative realization.

This mini-course aroused great interest of the general public. Journalists of the Gomel regional TV shot a special report that was shown on the evening air of Gomel Television and Radio Company.


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