rp_IMG_54241-515x452.jpg45 thousands of euros have been invested in provision of necessary facilities for day stay of people with disabilities under the territorial social service center.

“Children with severe or multiple physical and mental disabilities who cannot attend comprehensive school become pupils of the center of the correctional development, training and rehabilitation and they stay  there until they reach adulthood, – says the chairperson of Kobrin primary organization of NGO “Belarusian Association of Assistance to Children and Young People with Disabilities” Tatiana Slabnina.  – Day stay departments under territorial social service centers are established in territorial centers of social services for people with disabilities older than 18 years to assist in social and household, social and labor, social and psychological rehabilitation.

“1 wage rate of a social worker was added to work with pupils in the department. The social worker had to carry out this activity in hard for his health conditions because of the lack of special equipment and tools to facilitate his work. This created some difficulties in the work. But not for nothing it is said: “Knock – and your doors will be opened!”. Wisdom of this biblical truth has been confirmed recently in the walls of our department, “- Tatiana says and offers to look through introductions. When I had came to the department I knew that Kobrin primary organization together with the territorial social service center has developed its social project called “My second home” where the essence o f the problem was summarized. Minsk authorities saw that Kobrin authorities and director of the center (at that moment it was Tatiana Boyko) are not indifferent to the fate of people with disabilities and are interested in visiting day stay departments by people with severe multiple disabilities, offered sponsors to finance the purchase of expensive equipment. Purchase of equipment for the department and equipment of the bathroom with special plumbing fixtures were made for funds provided by the Austrian organization.

IMG_5484New minibus “Gazelle” for 2 wheelchairs with equipped car lift was purchased for funds from the sponsor Caritas Diocese Linz (Austria).  It will greatly facilitate the travel of pupils to and from the place of training. Employees and parents are also very glad to appearance of mobile lifts in the department which can facilitate work of specialists working with this category of citizens. Four sectional medical bed will soon take its place in repaired premises which in combination with orthopedic mattress will allow facilitating care for bed-ridden visitors of the department.

Recently equipped “Sensory room” is a special pride of the department. Under conditions of this room fears, neurotic states can be released, correction of behavior can be carried out. It can be used to stimulate various body functions: hearing, sight, smell, motor function, broadcasting.

Zinaida herself had worked for many years in the Center for Correctional and Development Training and Rehabilitation where she brought up many generations of children with disabilities. Today as the head of the circle she helps to cope with illnesses to those people who for many years have become close. And parents; They see this woman not only as their main assistant but also as a member of the family. Social worker Svetlana Leunova, a person with kindest heart as mothers speak about her, work with people with severe or multiple physical and mental disabilities in the department besides Zinaida . Managers of circles of State Educational Institution “Ecological and Biological Center for Children and Youth of Kobrin district” come to the department on the appointed day. Elena Skalyga leads a theater circle. Liliya  Strochuk – circle “Zdravushka”. More active students help to care for complicated patients of the department.

Now the saving role of this institution is understood by everyone without exception. “Of course, thanks to the department and its employees, our life has become much easier – says mother of  30-year-old Maria Ludmila Mihajlovna. – When I leave my daughter here , I am sure that from 9 to 16 hours she will have a proper care and supervision.

At this time I have an opportunity to have a rest after a difficult sleepless night, to do something household affairs, solve some questions. Thank you for this opportunity”.

On behalf of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” and primary organization of Kobrin district we would like to express our gratitude to Caritas Diocese of Linz (Austria) for financial assistance.

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