The internationa  festival of inclusive dance was held on November 18-23 in Moscow under the motto “Different in life, equal in dance”.

The main objective of the organizers – to prevent people with disabilities from becoming unsociable. and to help them to develop their talents.

Artists performed as real professionals with years of experience on stage and showed the audience dancing in different directions: ballroom, folk, modern and even acrobatic. 58 collectives, 500 participants, mostly from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan. Сollectives from South America also went to the stage. We faced with serious competition, and we thought that we had a little chance to win. But we won the first place to our surprise and delight!

Alexandr Shablovsky – our trainer – has invested a lot of time and efforts into us. And all the efforts were not in vain.

A ball was held on November 18 within the framework of the festival of Inclusive dance. At first it seemed that the activity will take a long time but time passed quickly in dance. The organizers have prepared a rich bright program, we even managed to become witnesses of a knightly duel with real sabers. In the evening we returned to the hotel tired but satisfied.

A gala concert was held on November 19. There was chaos in dressing rooms, all were very worried before performance. But despite excitement performance of participants conquered hearts of the audience. The participants were awarded special prizes of competitions at the end of the gala concert and, of course, the audience award was played.

On November 21, at competitions among collectives of folk, pop and many other types of dance, our collective «Wheel of life» performed with a Spanish composition in the category of pop dance under the number one. I attentively looked at faces of the jury, and it seemed to me that they were satisfied with our performance. We also performed under number five with a dance “Runaway Train”. Despite the fact that this dance is quite new, it has turned out to be incendiary and fun. All participants were invited to lunch after performance of all collectives. Then a workshop was held for everyone by a maestro of inclusive dance from Argentina. Results of the competition were announced at the end of the activity. We took third place in the category of pop dance.

NGO “BelAPDIiMI” congratulates our stars with excellent performance and won prizes! I wish you success! We are your fans!


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