Inclusive children’s fashion show within the framework of “Kids’ Fashion Days BFW” held in Minsk

15036423_1265373810151443_505820526596662657_nAn inclusive children’s fashion show within the framework of “Kids’ Fashion Days BFW” was held for the first time in Minsk. Children from NGO “Belarusian association of assistance to children and young people with disabilities” participated in that event. The show was organized and carried out thanks to the team of real professionals.

If you read comments left by people in social networks and see gratitude letters sent by e-mail, you will understand the importance and necessity of that activity. Happiness seen in children’s eyes, their shining smiles, happiness and admiration felt by parents for their children, loud applause from the audience, quaking chins and tears in the eyes because of the touching moment. All the efforts made were worthy of it!


We’d like to thank each and everyone who encouraged the idea, who realized the goals and helped to make the intentions real.

First of all, NGO “BelAPDIiMI” thanks Tatiyana Efremova, the designer who created a wonderful collection of children’s clothes spring/summer 2017. She was the first one who supported the idea of participation of children from our association in the fashion show. The collection has a distinctive characteristic in the form of “easy language” elements, namely, pictograms (one of the forms of alternative communication).

We also express gratitude to Oksana Kavetskaya, the director of Fashion Theatre “kid’s PODIUM”, to Nastya Churakova, the choreography and defile instructor, to the Fashion Theatre team for their professionalism, support, weekly training of kids, for individual approach to every child, for an extraordinary performance “The little prince” based on the most famous work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.



Special thanks to Yanina Goncharova, the chairperson of Republican public organization “Belarusian Chamber of Fashion”, and the BFW-team for support and help provided during the inclusive show organized within the framework of Belarusian Fashion Week, for organization of fundraising collection to support children from NGO “BelAPDIiMI”, and of course, for organization of Belarusian Fashion Week itself at the highest levels.

11 650 940 Belarusian rubles (before denomination) were collected thanks to the sale of tickets to children’s show held in NEC Belexpo.

We also thank Anna Teselkina, Anna Ivashkina, Elena Boiko and the NGO “BelAPDIiMI”-team for the help and assistance.

And of course we thank all the partners of the show who provided presents and sponsorship: #Prestigio, private enterprise «San Marko», public organization “Belarusian Auto Moto Touring Club” personally Irina Potyakina, the director, “Marie T” (handicraft sweets), personally Olga Tolochintseva, joint public corporation “Modum – nasha Cosmetiсa” Perfume and Cosmetic Factory, Barbie dolls.


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