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stk212422rkePeople with disabilities, the clients of BRA-center “Open Doors” of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” again got a chance to find a job in the open labor market. In 2012-2013, our organization has successfully realized the project “First steps to work” within the framework of which a new service for Belarus – assisted employment for people with disabilities in the open labour market was approved. In May 2014, a new project – “Your Chance” started, its aim is the deepen labor integration of young people with disabilities through further implementation of innovative approaches in the field of employment.

The project has been realizing with support of the German Foundation “Bread for the World.”

Using the experience gained during the work of the “First steps to work”, specialists expand its activities in areas of Belarus, in particular in Minsk and Brest regions. The realization of the project will allow monitoring the situation in the field of employment of young people, both in regions and in Minsk, to develop a strategy on cooperation with employers and young job candidates, and having gained experience, to promote the concept of assisted employment in theory and practice in future.

Waiting for job candidates in Esenina street, 141. BRA-Center “Open Doors”

Tel.: +375 17 2731556 (urban) Eduard, Sergey

The results of the project “First Steps to Work”:

1. At the base of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” a center on assisted employment for young people with disabilities has been established in Minsk:
• a model of assisted employment has been developed and approved. 2 assistants on employment have developed the following package of documents: questionnaire for clients, questionnaire for parents; evaluation of needs and abilities, individual support plan, obligations of clients.
• for two years 120 people with disabilities have applied to the center, among them:
120 people – have got consultations on questions of employment
27 people – have been employed (24% – of all applicants)
97 people – have got legal consultations
10 people – have got assistance in obtaining employment recommendations
7 people – have got assistance in obtaining additional professional education

• cooperation with representatives of 10 enterprises that employ people with disabilities has been established.

• revealed difficulties of employment young people with disabilities have been analyzed and drawn up documentary.

 2. Lobbying of innovative approaches in questions of employment of young people with disabilities

• the project has been approved and officially supported by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus.

• about 80 people: officials from ministries, members of the Belarusian parliament, specialists of educational institutions, labour and social protection, health care have took part in 3 study visits, 3 seminars, a round table, 8 working meetings, 3 promo actions.

• resolution of the Round Table has been sent to Belarusian Parliament, 3 ministries, Republican Council for problems of persons with disabilities under the Council of Ministers of Belarus.

• suggestion on the possibility of introducing assisted employment for people with disabilities into the State program on employment of RB for 2014 has been introduced to Parliament.

3. Further development of social enterprises of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” in 4 regions of Belarus and Minsk:

• strategies on profitability of 4 social enterprises on the base of carried out market analysis have been developed;

• at 4 enterprises of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” for two years: have been employed – 18 people with disabilities; have got working adaptation – 6 people; new working places have been equipped– 10 places.

– “Baran Arabeski”, Baran city : – 4 people have been employed, 6 people have got working adaptation, 5 working places have been equipped

– “My perspective”, Luninets city : 3 people have been employed, 2 working places have been created, 1 working place has been equipped

– “Way to life”, Stolin city: 3 people have been employed, 1 working place has been equipped

– “ArtIdea”, Minsk city : 8 people have been employed, 3 working places have been equipped.

• 4 promo actions with exhibitions-sales of items of the enterprises of the NGO “BelAPDIiMI” have been carried out

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