“Our friendship will last forever…” A summer camp “Wellness trail” has been organized for the 7th time for children and young people with disabilities from Logoisk region.   

Logoisk primary organization took the lead in this activity and organized the camp with the support of the Territorial Centre of Social Services to Population.   

Our group consisted of 22 persons, including 15 children and young people with disabilities. Antonina Bubich, the director of Pleschenitsy recreation centre “Multitour”, welcomed our group from August 7 to August 10.

Antonina said afterwards that she had been very happy to cooperate with us, that our team had consisted of good clients and that the doors of the centre would always be open for us.

We lived in comfortable houses for 2 persons located on the bank of a picturesque reservoir.

We settled into the houses and our challenging holiday started. Every morning we had compulsory morning gymnastic exercises. Waking up, stretching in the fresh air and doing easy exercises – what a great pleasure both for children and adults. There was a nurse from the Territorial Centre of Social Services to Population, Alla Kozhushko, who carried out lessons patiently, attentively, passionately and with a radiant smile.   

Every day was full of creative and sporting events and activities. Artists from Metlichitsy and Pleschenitsy houses of culture appeared on stage. Tatiana Bordushko and Ekaterina Leonenko organized a theatrical performance and let our youngsters be a part of it. 

Roman Yakuba, Sergey Smirenin and Yanina Borichevskaya organized a puppet show. The audience enjoyed Alena’s Tikonovich signing! Our ladies were so excited, because they had an opportunity to sing with Alena on stage! Young vocalist Artem Palkin whose songs were full of kindness and brightness sang in front of the audience.

We organized a painting contest “Let’s paint summer” and different funny sporting competitions. Of course, everyone was a winner.

On one day guests visited us: Marina Kazarovets, a representative of Belarusian Red Cross Society, and Natalia Mironchik, a representative of Faberlic. Both guests and participants of the camp enjoyed the time spent. It was useful and interesting.

Organization of such a camp was made possible thanks to our sponsors and friends. Financial support was provided by Arken Church Bible Center (Sweden). Meals in the camp, very delicious ones, by the way, were provided by Logoisk regional executive committee, Ecolin and C and Techgastransport. We would like to say great thank you to Irina Parakhnevich, Grigoriy Titov and Igor Dubanevich, the heads of these companies, for their contribution to our initiative. Thanks to their efforts our families had various, balanced and high-calorie meals.

Special thanks to the Shkarubo family: Anatoliy and his son Andrew used their own vehicles to help the participants to get to the camp. 

We, parents of children and young people with disabilities, are endlessly grateful to all the people who helped us to organize this camp! There is one thing I would like to pay attention to. You may say “Nothing special. Nothing would have changed if the camp hadn’t been carried out.” But I’ll answer: “This is very important. This is important for children and young people with disabilities who can’t live their lives to the fullest. It is so important for them to be in thick of the action from time to time. It is important for them to know that other people need them.”


Galina Buiko, member of the council of Logoisk primary organization of NGO “BelAPDIiMI”

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