14150045141771530722da435a186f97fd08cb15f28On October 31, 2014, the Third Fair of Organizational Development 2014 was held on the base of Minsk Johannes Rau International Center for Education and Exchange. Minsk city organization NGO “BelAPDIiMI” applied for getting a mini-voucher on the theme “effectiveness of the activity of organization and types of results. How to find a common language with donor. ”

The fair was attended by more than 123 organizations, 47 consultants, and received vouchers – 20 organizations. A special commission of the number of founders and investors of the project worked at the fair. Minsk city organization NGO “BelAPDIiMI” defined the most appropriate service for the organization and selected a consultant to provide this service.

The commission reviewed the results of negotiations with the consultant and confirmed the necessity and reasonableness of allocation of a mini voucher to Minsk city organization NGO “BelAPDIiMI”. An agreement with Exchange was concluded, a voucher was received and our organization will work with the consultant, and Exchange will compensate the services of the consultant.  Our organization also ranked second and received a certificate on “Barrier-free environment”.

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Participation in the Fair of organizational development for NGOs is a very useful activity and a chance to receive additional financial support to expand the circle of contacts.

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