National culture and its style

A Belarusian national talisman embroidered by the ladies working in the unitary enterprise “ArtIdea” was presented to a legendary French couturier Pierre Cardin.

Our friend and partner, Oksana Kavetskaya, who is the director of Fashion Theatre “kid’s PODIUM” (Minsk) participated in a working panel organized for heads of Fashion Theatres of Russia and members of the Golden Needle Association. The panel took place in Paris and was dedicated to the works by Pierre Cardin.

The participants of the seminar had an opportunity to meet a real legend in the fashion industry. Pierre Cardin received handmade souvenirs as a present (the embroidered Belarusian national talisman, postcards with embroidered Belarusian ornaments and other things). This laborious and beautiful work was performed by the ladies working in the unitary enterprise “ArtIdea” of NGO “BelAPDIiMI”. Ekaterina Arbuzova put love, energy, delicate taste and her heart and soul into her work. Veronika Labkovich and Tamara Aleshkevich helped Ekaterina.

We are thankful to Oksana Kavetskaya for her trust and opportunity to demonstrate the handmade articles made at the UE “ArtIdea” at such a high level.

The UE “ArtIdea” is an enterprise where young people with disabilities are employed. 16 people engaged in printing and souvenirs making work there.

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