IMG_8684If you have decided to have a rest with your child who has contraindications for sanatorium treatment, and to get a lot of pleasant impressions, go to Children’s Rehabilitation and Recuperation Center “Nadezda”. I am sure – you will not regret.

Annually the Swedish Church “Arken” collects funds to provide support to children from different countries. Thanks to support of the Church “Arken”, it is the fifth consecutive year when 35 people – children and young people with disabilities who have contraindications for sanatorium treatment, from different regions of Belarus, with assistance of one of the parents could undergo a recovery course in a wonderful Children’s Rehabilitation Center “Nadezda” during 7 days.

This year 34 people from 16 regions of Brest, Mogilev, Minsk, Grodno, Gomel regions during 7 days could not only improve their health but also to find friends, to believe in themselves and not to lose hope in life, no matter what happens. It’s nice that this year not only mothers but also fathers joined us.

34There just was no time to be bored. Each day was full of surprises.
On the first day the whole group went to a medical examination where we were kindly offered procedures. Children and young people with disabilities were able to feel massage, water therapy, speleotherapy which are not available in all polyclinics.
We are lucky: the weather was good + 27, in the afternoon they all went to an excursion on the reservoir. On the way it was possible to pick up mushrooms and berries.


Smell from the canteen pushed us to come in. All vegetables (tomatoes, beets, apples, zucchini) are grown in their own areas. And how not to visit an apple orchard, greenhouses.




We have already noticed how talented our parents are. Mother from Molodechno carried out a master class on production leather goods. Parents and children could make a gift for themselves.
For each contest, no matter is it a drawing on the pavement or a sporting activity, all received sweet prizes.
There are a lot of sports grounds, different exercise equipment on the territory of the center in the open air.

Time passed quickly. Parents learnt more about NGO “BelAPDIiMI”, received brochures “Ordinary people”, knew each other better. On the final evening children came to the fire, roasted bread, sausages, read poems and sang songs with pleasure.
It is important for us that healthy children were with us.
Each of us has an opportunity to meet at this station next year, it is only necessary to make an effort. Someone will write a project, someone will collect the necessary sum or will find a sponsor. All in your hands – think!
We would like to thank all of the parishioners of the church “Arken” who remember us and try to make our lives full.
Of course, we would like to say THANK to all staff of the center “Nadezda” for attention, understanding and care.
We have only one life, so let’s help each other! 


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