rp_Пин-1-515x386.jpegDuring many hundreds of years women have struggled as hard as they could to make this world better for all of us. Careful, gentle, attentive, strong, true – they have graced the pages of our history, and for someone have become an example. Every week within the framework of the contest “Strong Women” we will publish stories of women from our organization who can teach us personal courage.

The first story has come to us from Olga Koroljuk:

A month before the birth of my second child, a misfortune has happened in my family – my husband died. All this happened in May 2000. And I was left with a 4-year-old son in my arms and not yet born one ….

After the birth of my Genka (I named him in memory of the husband) doctors have made disappointing forecasts. As a result of various consultations and checkups the 4th degree of health loss was drawn up to my son, diagnosis cerebral palsy, autism, psychophysical developmental disabilities. It was necessary to leave work and undertake upbringing of our children, and the main thing – treatment. We received treatment in our city, in Brest center as well in Minsk center, but treatment did not give desired results. It was, of course, very difficult morally and physically. I knew practically nothing about these diseases, I had to learn everything and live with this.

In 2003 I got acquainted with women of NGO “BelAPDIiMI”, mothers of children like I have. It turned out that there are people ready to help. Mothers who were left in a difficult situation alone with their grief need words of encouragement. One word can change someone’s life or, vice versa, to make this life unbearable. Having come into the organization I could understand that together we can change not only our world but also world of other people. In the organization it is possible to get different (moral, advisory, humanitarian and etc.  assistance), that is so necessary for life in our difficult time. In conversation with mothers I learned a lot about treatment, care and psycho-physical development of our special children. Our family became participate in the activities of BelAPDIiMI. We with my child try to visit all morning performances, go to pilgrimage trips, the child enjoys summer trips to the lake Zavishje. Not only my son but also I get moral relief from visiting the theater, concerts, circus performances.

Now my elder son Timur is 18 years old, Gennadiy – 14. Gena does not speak, moves mainly in a wheelchair, does not serve himself, studies at home on program for children with learning difficulties. My 74 years old mother has been living with us last half a year. After the death of my brother she got problems with health. At the moment I take care not only for her son but also for the sick mother. My sons and mother are the most dear people for the sake of whom I find strength to live!

Now there are a lot of talks about integration of people with disabilities into society. State in cooperation with non-governmental organizations tries to change opinion about such people. Center for Correctional and Developmental Training and Rehabilitation, Territorial Social Service Center are open. I would like very much that my son with multiple disabilities could visit these centers and not to be within the four walls.

In 2007 our family has received a two-room social apartment. Before this we had lived 5 years in a one-room barrack without facilities.

I am very grateful to mothers of the association that they provide assistance at the right moment. I would like to say parents bringing up a child with disabilities to try to vary lives of your children. Find time. Try to reveal their capabilities together with specialists – because every child is talented.

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