SDC15990 On December 8-9, 2014, a seminar on working with evaluation of opportunities and needs of people with disabilities in the process of employment was organized and held in Olympic Sport Complex (OSK) Stayki within the framework of the project “Your Chance”.

Aim: to exchange experience on the employment of people with disabilities within the framework of the project “Your Chance”. The seminar was attended by heads of 6 day stay departments and 2 instructors of work therapy from Brest region, heads of 3 day stay departments for people with disabilities from Territorial Social Services Centers in Minsk as well as by specialists in social work from Minsk region from Stolbtsy, Vileika, Dzerzhinsk and Volozhin.

Tools developed by specialists of projects “First Steps to Work” and “Your Chance” with help of which the initial evaluation of opportunities and needs of clients was carried out – questionnaires, diagnostic maps and plans of the individual client support – were presented at the seminar. All participants of the seminar after experimental filling in of questionnaires and diagnostic cards and their further analysis indicated the validity of importance of qualitative evaluation in the first stage of employment and further systematic monitoring. All participants of the seminar were interested in the results of the work of specialists who described the main problems arising in the process of evaluation of opportunities and needs of clients seeking employment.


Employees of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” cited as an example many situations they faced in practice. There were many questions.

The special needs (sexual) of people with intellectual disabilities were discussed on the second day of the seminar. Psychologist Darya Eckevich worked with participants. She has big experience in working with people who are in institutions for people with disabilities of close type. Discussions were very stormy but in a very friendly and trusting form.  At the end of the seminar trainer answered all the questions of specialists that arose in their work with clients.


All participants filled in questionnaires in which they gave evaluation of the seminar and expressed interest in future meetings and consultations with specialists of the NGO “BelAPDIiMI”.  We were all also very interested to get acquainted with work experience of the psychologist Darya Eckevich.


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