IMG_20140322_122649On March 21-23 the conclusive visiting event to the “Staiki” complex was held by the team of the project “First steps to work”. Among the invited were 13 people, who visit local centers of daily attendance in Minsk, young people, who are employed within the project, young fellows and girls, taking part in the project of student’s accompanied trained living, accompanying experts of the project and a psychologist. The team of experts of the project “First steps to work” has conducted a number of team-making and psychological trainings, aimed at team-making, teaching of teamwork and raising work motivation.



Since the event took place in the sport complex “Staiki” and the weather was favorable, it was decided to conduct a sport enterprise.


Young people took part in running for 500m, volleyball, basketball and table tennis. The winners and the participants were awarded with sweet prizes. Everyone has found their favorite activity. All the guys have become friends and exchanged contacts with a great pleasure.

the experts of the projects “First steps to work”,

Elena Novik

Eduard Schipicyn


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