Production and Trade Unitary Enterprise “ARTIDEA” celebrates 5 years


rp_Logotip-ArtIdeya-s-prazdnikom-515x592.jpgFriends and Colleagues!

Today we have a holiday –

PTUE “ArtIdea” celebrates 5 years!

It seems like a little date but we have passed it and have learnt a lot. There were many crisis situations on our way. But they have always made us do not give up, develop ourselves and become better!

The enterprise has come to good indicators to its 5 years: 18 people with multiple disabilities have got adaptation at the work places and were employed in the open labor market during five years. It is a great achievement for us!!! Thanks to support of the founder, our partners and clients who have placed their orders at us, not only specialized job places for people with disabilities were created who could not be employed before, but also the enterprise was preserved.

Opening of new kinds of activities and new job places for people with disabilities has become a higher level of development of the enterprise.

Thanks to everyone who was trying to support us all this time: has become our partner or has taught us to something, thanks to those who was near in difficult minutes and in minutes of joy!!!

Thanks to all my staff for a pleasure to be with you in the team, for the energy that you give me every day!

I wish you all prosperity, peace and goodness!

Let our enterprise continues its development, let it makes a profit each month, let it continues the expanding and makes competitors crazy!

Our celebrations are held under the title “Five years of success”. One of the activities is participation in the outdoor training camp.

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