Every child in Belarus has a right to live in a family, a right to education, accessible work and, of course, health improvement. So when parents hear phrases like “Your children have no right to health improvement as they have contraindications for that”, they get confused. How could it happen? There is such a right, but it doesn’t apply for their children.
NGO “BelAPDIiMI” works hard to do fundraising in order to make dreams of children and young people with disabilities come true. Children and parents are looking forward to the day when they can go to a wonderful place – Children’s Rehabilitation and Recreation Centre “Nadezhda”.

29 persons from 8 regions of Belarus (Dzerzhinsk, Zhodino, Mogilev, Novopolots, Pukhovichi, Baranovichi, Vileika, Gomel and Minsk) could spend 7 days in this beautiful and wonderful place thanks to support provided by the Arken Church (Sweden), JSC “Priorbank”, “Autoassistance” LLC and German public organization “Project Group to Assist the Children of Chernobyl”. Everyone got an abundance of emotions and impressions and improved their health.


It is so important for our children to spend time with their peers: to communicate, play, make plans and find new friends. That is why 2 families, which visited this place last year, had been saving up money to come here for the second time despite the fact that meals, accommodation and treatment cost 82 BYN for 2 persons per day.

Yes, this time we were unlucky with the weather, as it was raining every day. Still we had a very rich programme and didn’t have enough time to realize all our ideas. Every morning we got treatment. Every morning everyone, including parents, hurried up to a medical building, because everyone had 4 treatment procedures (massage, bubble bath, speleo- and physiotherapy and vitaminous or calming drinks).  


The Children’s Rehabilitation and Recreation Centre “Nadezhda” is equipped with modern sports grounds. One can swing, trampoline, play football, work out in a gym, visit a ship and become a captain for a moment. One could also take part in master classes “Beauty of hairdo” and “Paintings on asphalt”.

There is also a storage pond in the territory of the centre! Children like strolling along the beach so much! They take bread with them to feed swans and gulls.


The administration of the Children’s Rehabilitation and Recreation Centre “Nadezhda” organized an excursion for us. We visited their greenhouse, apple-tree garden and a lake with lilies.

Eco-friendly, nitrate-free cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, beetroot and apples are cultivated on a homestead land and are directly sent to a kitchen where meals are cooked for children and parents. 


We had a rest together with children from Slavgorod primary organization of NGO “BelAPDIiMI”. So we had a chance to learn more about their activities, meet closer with the families and share the experience.

And of course everyone wanted to see a farewell camp fire and taste delicious and fragrant toasted bread!


7 days flew by in a flash. Someone found new friends, someone shared their experience and worries and someone thought ahead over the future and decided to save up money to visit this great place next year. Many people, especially who are after 18 years old, would like to visit this centre. But it is possible to improve one’s health at the expense of BelAPDIiMI funds just once.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us and provided financial support. And of course, we would like to thank all the employees of the centre for their attention. We wish everyone health. And let your children smile more often!

It is so cool when children smile and when mothers say THANK YOU for a wonderful time spent and for an opportunity to take a break from everyday routine! Mothers find then strength to help other families who experience problems.

We hope that we will find sponsors next year who, despite difficult economic situation in the country, will find an opportunity to support our families. Our world becomes kinder only thanks to our big hearts!



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  1. «Надежда» дарит надежду

    Как прекрасно проснуться под пение птиц,
    Улыбнуться листве за окошком.
    Сколько радостных детских веселых лиц!
    Мы в «Надежде» с моим Алешкой!
    Это лагерь в Вилейском районе,
    С БелАПДИ отдыхаем мы здесь.
    Сколько радости, сколько восторга,
    И улыбок на лицах не счесть!

    Вот и наступила чудесная летняя пора. С какой надеждой встречаем мы лето! Ведь у нас появляется возможность оздоровить наших деток витаминами и солнцем! Но, к сожалению, у многих наших детей, даже имеющих инвалидность, нет возможности получить санаторно-курортное лечение. ОО «БелАПДИиМИ» и в этом году порадовало 30 членов организации из различных регионов республики, пригласив на оздоровление и отдых в ДРОЦ «Надежда», который находится в живописных лесах недалеко от самого большого в Беларуси искусственного Вилейского водохранилища.
    Этот замечательный отдых останется в моей памяти навсегда. На каждой фотографии мой малыш улыбается. Его искренний задорный смех раздается, когда он катается на чудесной канатной качели, когда с восторгом прыгает на необычном батуте. А уж когда принимает жемчужную ванну, блаженство, написанное на его лукавом личике, наполняет мое сердце радостью!
    Здесь все необычно, все удивляет и завораживает, начиная от непривычных для нас разнообразных качелей и заканчивая удивительными растениями, которые на территории нашей республики можно увидеть лишь в Ботаническом саду. И здесь.
    И нам, мамам, здесь тоже дана возможность отдохнуть и оздоровиться. Можно пить фиточаи, можно принимать различные ванны, расслабляться в соляной пещере или в комнате ароматерапии, можно испытать невероятные ощущения от душа Шарко или сеансов массажа, можно очиститься и телом и душой в сауне… А можно просто наслаждаться тишиной и пением птиц, гуляя по лесу.
    В очередной раз хочется сказать СПАСИБО нашей организации за эти чудесные незабываемые дни, за энтузиазм организаторов проекта, которые своим примером вдохновляют нас, объединяют и возвращают веру в человеческую доброту и в свои силы.

    Елена Богданович, ПО Московского района МГО ОО «БелАПДИиМИ»

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