There are many talented people in Belarus. If you are a painter deep inside, it doesn’t matter where you live or what you do. Art gives a chance to reveal your talents, tell your story and show your feelings by means of paintings. An inclusive festival of self-taught artists “We are” was held in Minsk from April 12 to May 7.

The exhibition featured 200 original paintings made by students of Nika Sandros’s studio, self-taught painters, residents of the psycho-neurological boarding institution No 3 and children from the Belarusian Children’s Hospice.

Paintings and graphics of Nika Sandros, Michael Bulich, Gennadiy Grishel, Svetlana Bortnik, Irina Vaitekhovich, Irina Brezhneva, Tatiana Gurinovich, Sergey Zhuk, Anastasia Levitina, Olga Liubaya, Natalia Lavrinenko, Daria Chubrik, Tatiana Scherbakova and others were presented during the exhibition. 

People, who mastered art techniques and acquired skills of art and creativity on their own, are considered to be self-taught artists. Nika Sandros, a famous painter, thinks that there are many talented self-taught painters in our country, but it is difficult for them to demonstrate their talents to the public. Apart from that, some painters live in boarding institutions and hospices, and art is the only bridge for them to reach an outside world. The main idea of the exhibition was to show the visitors that art unites; it eliminates the distinctions, leads to inclusive society. Such concepts as “normal” and “abnormal”, “professional” and “amateur”, “beautiful” and “ugly” are conservative barriers.

The participants and the visitors of the exhibition mentioned that they were impressed by the works they saw. These paintings arouse interest and admiration; they help an abundance of new ideas to appear.

The exhibition presented unforgettable memories, interesting meetings and wider opportunities to develop creative abilities.

The festival was held in the sports and entertainment complex “Falcon Club” – “Cinema Boutique”.    

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