rp_515x687.jpgEvery week within the framework of the contest “Strong Women” we publish stories of women from our organization who can teach us personal courage. Today’s story is dedicated to Natalya, a real mother, a talented person with good hands and a truly strong woman:

I want to tell you about one wonderful person. About person to whom I look with deep tenderness.

Every person has in his life periods when hands fall and you want nothing, and you just get tired. I always recall that fragile, little girl, but now I see a person with strong spirit and open mind who bringing up two already adult sons.

Natasha gave birth to Sasha and Pasha at a young age. It seemed that it was happiness: two pretty babies. But the doctors’ prognosis was not comforting. You may not believe me, but I have never heard from her that she was tired and could no longer. I remember those time when Natasha was persuading to send her children to Center for Correctional and Development Training and Rehabilitation, how she at first went under windows of buildings and was worried how her children were there, who can take care of them as well as the mother because they cannot walk, it is necessary to feed them. Her worries have come to the end when she saw that wonderful people worked in the center. Now Pasha and Sasha are already adults, this year they will be 18 years old. And our Natasha is still like a sitting hen over her chickens. Only she has completely different worries: what will happen next, how long she will be able to help her children. “After all I become weak, and they are growing” – Natasha says.


Only a strong woman can accept everything without grumbling and at the same time do needlework. She sews wonderful dolls. She probably embodies in her things some childhood dream that did not come true, all her things are light and bright. Sometimes I think what person Natasha would be if her life were other. Probably she would be as bright personality as her skills. I am grateful to God for knowing her. Sometimes it is a shame that there is no enough time to call once more. Once my sister wrote me a poem “The angel flew across the midnight sky”, now she dedicated the poem to Natasha:

Our life is full of suffering, trials and tribulations,

also it is full of joyful moments, so a year goes after year.

Often we do not see miracles around us,

we forget to look at blue skies.

Look around and you will see how many nice people there are here,

Very modest and reliable, they are among friends,

We go through life noticing nothing,

Without raising eyes, we live indifferently.

People are looking for the ideal, and heroes of this life,

There are few ideals, and heroes there are everywhere.

Take at least Natasha, you are our hero, aren’t,

You bear your hard cross worthy, patiently.

You are beautiful, graceful, you are full of goodness,

Sending hardships, life did not break you.

You are mother with a big letter, and a wonderful person,

You have so much optimism that is enough for everyone in the whole century.

You will support and help, we can easily be friends with you

I want to wish you to live long, long life,

To give us hope, belief, and be an example for us,

What to say to you Natasha? You are friend of highest grade.

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