REPORT on activities carried of NGO “BelAPDIiMI”

June 2011

Download the report – 510 KB

  1. Parents, who are members of the NGO “BelAPDIiMI”, participated in the round table “Perspectives and opportunities of introduction of inclusive education in the Republic of Belarus”. The social work specialist from the NGO “BelAPDIiMI” delivered a lecture “Needs of children with disabilities for having wider access to educational services” at the round table. It is a new topic for Belarus, and parents’ participation in such activities is of great importance. Representatives of the Ministry of education, directors and specialists from educational institutions attended the round table.
  2. The web site of the NGO “BelAPDIiMI” ( is administered every day. Social work specialists correspond with families where a child with disabilities was born. Specialists introduce them to other parents, render informational and psychological support, get lawyer from the organization involved in the work. The web site gives every family a wonderful opportunity to find friends and help, to tell about themselves, about successes and problems. Photography contest is one of the forms of work. Here are some photos of children.
  3. The chairperson of the NGO “BelAPDIiMI” spoke at the second republican pedagogical reading “Upbringing of children with psychophysical disabilities: problems and ways of solving them” (130 participants from Belarus).
  4. The NGO “BelAPDIiMI” prepared suggestions for the Law of the Republic of Belarus “About additions and changes into some laws of the Republic of Belarus relating to the issues of social services”. Our organization lobby for making a list of social services for families which look after children with disabilities longer: personal assistant service; hourly care service for children with disabilities (respite for families); supported living service.
  5. The NGO “BelAPDIiMI” organized a recreation programme for 13 families from Minsk, which look after children and young people with mental and physical disabilities. These families have no opportunity to pay for recreation in a holiday centre.

A group of 30 people (including healthy children) were resting in the holiday centre “Friendship” during 10 days. The centre is located no far from Minsk. Such a recreation programme was organized thanks to the support, rendered by our partners from the Netherlands – the foundation “Friends of BelAPDIiMI”.

We were not the only people resting in the centre. There were more than 70 people, and we were glad that vacationers made friends with our children.

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