ËîãîòèïWithin the framework of the project “Window to the world”, a study visit of delegation consisting of the representatives of the organization “Caritas” in Belarus and the non-governmental association of parents of children and young people with disabilities “BelAPDIiMI” to Austria was carried out. During the study visit the participants had the opportunity to learn the system of assistance to people with disabilities from early age to independent living, as well as share their experience in this field with partners from Austria and Armenia.
The trip began with a visit of the society of people with disabilities BIZEPS which exists more than 20 years and its activities are aimed at integration people with muscular disabilities and also it is a part of the international movement for independent life and it is a member of the largest information system in Austria.
Then the participants visited the representative office “Caritas” in St. Isidor, where integrated kindergarten, school, day care centers are organized, therapy is carried out.
Austrian partners have also shown the work of organizations which together with “Caritas” provide people with disabilities “support in the life”: a working project “Sunnahof” which includes stock and crop farms, carpenter’s workshop, culinary workshop, canteen; “Ifs spagat” is an organization engaged in inclusion of people with disabilities into the open labor market; self-service restaurant “Guat und Gnuag” where work for people with disabilities is organized.

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During the trip the participants had the opportunity to learn the activities carried out by the Government of Vorarlberg in Western Austria within the framework of realization the UN Convention on protection rights of people with disabilities and also to ask the head of the department for socialization and integration people with disabilities Elizabeth Chann questions.
The study visit finished with visiting a pedagogical university in Feldkirch where young teachers not only learn, but also have the opportunity to realize in practice all acquired knowledge.

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