IMG_0753What is the peculiarity of the sexual upbringing of children with disabilities and how to give a right answer to delicate questions that arise before children and young people with special development?

These and other questions were discussed at the workshop “Sexual  upbringing of children and young people with special development ” which was held on October 23, 2014 by parents of young people with disabilities together with specialists from a Center of  Correction and Development Training and Rehabilitation and a Territorial center of social services. The activity was carried out within the framework of the project “Continuation of dissemination and application the ideas of Convention “On the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.”

The participants of the workshop together with the psychologist Daria Yaskevich discussed the problems of families bringing up children with disabilities, the changes taking place with children at puberty, peculiarity of the sexual upbringing and behavior in the society of young people with disabilities. All the participants agreed that professionalism of specialists and attention to each individual case play an important role in the process of working with families.



Also Daria carried out a little training for participants which helped to understand the specifics of the behavior of people with disabilities. Everyone could ask questions and share his practical experience of effective communication and training of people with disabilities. The question of how to teach young people to satisfy their sexual needs respecting the ethical norms of society was raised several times during the workshop.



After the workshop the participants noted that the opinions of specialists and parents helped them to understand many problems that they face in everyday life. The theme of sexuality and sex upbringing is still very delicate in our society but thanks to the received knowledge and learning approaches, as well as the goodwill of all the participants and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, everyone was able to openly talk about their feelings in this issue.

At the end of the workshop participants expressed their gratitude and desire to continue to take part in such activities.

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