The contest “The beauty of your soul”


“What does the word “beauty” mean? Why people worship it?

Is it a vessel full of emptiness or the fire which glimmers in the vessel?”

On September 24, the final charitable contest for children with disabilities and their families took place.

The activity was organized by the Regional community “All Saints Parish” in Minsk.

23 families which look after children with disabilities (12 families from the Minsk City Organization of the NGO “BelAPDIiMI”) participated in the contest. The final was held in a very beautiful place – in the Cinema House. There were 560 people – guests, audience and support groups…. The atmosphere was festive and people were in cheerful mood, clowns entertained people and masterful orchestra played in the foyer.



The contest programme:

performances given by children with disabilities and their parents;

children’s creative work exhibition;

gala concert given by Belarusian stars.

My homeland, my family, my faith, my talents, my dreams – these were the subjects of the contest.

It was a real colourful show. Portfolios made by each family were shown on a big screen of the Cinema House: the most interesting family photos and video films, as well as drawings, handicrafts and canned vegetables in glass jars. Families performed serious preliminary work; they did it with great interest and pleasure because such an activity has never been carried out for us before.

All the participants won the contest, as everyone was unique. Our families and children are talented and resourceful; they have the deep inner world. The audience was amazed by vocal performances of contestants, by family duets.

All families were awarded with souvenirs and special presents.

Our worries are behind. And we hope for new projects and contests.

All members of the organization have to be more active if they want to repeat this never-to-be-forgotten experience.

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