IMG_1236Mad people that are confident that they are capable of overthrowing the world actually change it.

Biologists, musicians, humanitarians, future defectologists. We are all young, ambitious and unlike each other, but obsessed with one goal: to show that people with disabilities are  just people who do not need pity and compassion of others, people who are able to live and feel the world as well as every person without disability.

I could not believe up to the last moment that a little message in the network will be able to gather so many stakeholders. In truth, we are all accustomed to the constant flow of information at our pages on social networks, and it becomes more difficult to get a modern young person interested. Despite all the fears people wrote. As a result, 18 young and energetic people were selected. These  people gathered on October 30 on the base of “Dance and rehabilitation center” of NGO “Belarusian Foundation of assistance to sportsmen  with disabilities” in settlement Kolodishchi.

We cannot say that it was easy. There were a lot of discussions, debates and reflections. We all understood that we did not get rid completely of all stigmas and stereotypes in the attitude to people with disabilities. At this stage one cannot overestimate the work of our trainers Julia and Olga who helped us to cope with fears and prejudices. They showed us that inclusion begins here and now. Not tomorrow, not next year, not somewhere in another state or on another planet but here and now. Now our task is to tell others about it, to share experience and vision. There is no doubt, we will cope with this.



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