смолевичиThanks to LLC “Test Best”, 50 people (children, young people with disabilities, parents from Logoysk, Smolevichy, Berezin, Molodechno and Minsk) could attend a concert of the Patriarchal Choir of the Moscow Danilov Monastery which took place on November , 5 and 6, 2015, at the concert hall “Minsk” and feel great spiritual joy!

Listening to the Orthodox chants and folk songs performed by the choir, soul stood motionless, and it seemed in these moments that it was singing of angels in heavens. It is impossible to describe feeling that overwhelmed us. Zhenya said so beautifully: “When I listened to songs, I thought that I had wings on my back, and I was about to fly away to heavens”. Children feel music better than adults. It was appeasement, serenity, and grace. Mothers express gratitude to organizers of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” for the opportunity to visit this concert. Organize more such cultural outings. Wishing you and your close people health, happiness, longevity and well-being and let God’s grace helps to create and to love. Let God keep you on many good years.

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