Our parents are always busy! They work every day, do the laundry, clean and cook. They don’t always have an opportunity to spend time with their kids: time to chat, to caress, to read a book, share news and discuss tiny little things. What is a holiday for adults? It is a way to relax, forget about problems and have a good time. And for children a holiday is a holiday, in the true sense of this word. Children anticipate such events as they are full of real magic for them. That is why parents shouldn’t miss a chance to make their children happy and present them magical moments in a company of friends.

A primary organization of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” in Frunzenskiy district of Minsk organized a wonderful holiday for friends, acquaintances, partners, youngsters and their parents. 

50 youngsters from all the districts of Minsk gathered together in a cozy and hospitable café “Profitrol” to have fun and make new friends. The day was full of pleasant surprises. Doctor Aybolit and old lady Shapoklyak, fictional characters, were among the guests. They were happy to be photographed with the guests to collect nice memories of that day.

It was a pleasure to meet old friends and see how they all had grow up and changed a lot. It was a pleasure to watch a concert organized by different children’s groups: dance group “Pistachios”, vocal group “Stars”, Indian dance group “Sapna”, the Transformers show, children’s events studio “Tryam”, also we listened to a poem recited by Kira Lomeiko (a girl with brittle bones disease) and to songs sung by Pavel.

And of course, no one can imagine a holiday without dances! The youngsters danced together with the fairy tale heroes, clapped their hands. Yulia Khomich, the winner of the beauty contest “Yurmala 17” attended the holiday. She showed the youngsters her crown.   

The time had flown by. Every child got a small present from sponsors while mothers got a flower made with balloons. All the participants of the holiday launched the balloons into the air at the end of the holiday. We hope that all the participants would have bright memories of this day.

We are thankful to Viktoria Shidlovskaya, a participant of the beauty contest “Miss Europe 2016”, who was a presenter at our holiday. We are also thankful to everyone who created a festive atmosphere and bright holiday for the youngsters! It may become the beginning of new relationship, communication and friendship. Besides, parents would understand how it is important to spend more time with their kids.



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