IMG_0996On November 24-27, within the framework of the project “Art for inclusion of people with disabilities”, lessons “Inclusion of people with disabilities into society” on the principle “equal teaches equal” will be held. Lessons will be held in Belarusian State Technological University and gymnasium №10 of Minsk city and will be organized for pupils of the 10th grades of the gymnasium and for three groups of the 2nd year students of the university.

The basic principle of the training organization is inclusion, so the training team has young people with disabilities as well as without disabilities which is on one hundred percent corresponds to the rule: “nothing about us (for us) without us”.  And here the question arises whether our trainers moving in a wheelchair or with help of other adaptations will be able to get to the premises where they intend to carry out lessons? Is the environment in the capital university and gymnasium barrier for them or not?

We are not accustomed to see people with disabilities in our society: in shops and on the streets, in schools and higher educational institutions, parks and cinemas. This happens not because there are not such people but because we did not accustomed to notice them because the conditions of our life are often not adapted to ensure that people with disabilities would fully take part in the life of society. So, students at lessons will not only get acquainted with theoretical material on disability, will take part in exercises but also they will be able to learn directly from the “first hand” about young people with disabilities who at the same time live a full, rich and interesting life.

Trainers of the educational program will introduce pupils and students the basics of disability etiquette, will teach correct terminology, identify the types of disability and the needs of people with disabilities. Pupils and students will learn about the outstanding people with disabilities which however did not become an obstacle to self-realization. Pupils and students taking part in various exercises of the training will be able to get their own experience and know how is it to live without hearing or seeing, they will try to do a practical task without moving their legs or arms. Maybe someone even have to try – what is it do not move on their own feet but with help of a wheelchair.

Three lessons will be carried out for each group of students, the first of which will take place next week. The remaining two lessons are planned to be held in February –May, 2015.

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