A new clothing line designed by Tatiana Efremova was showcased at Belarus Fashion Week on October 28, 2017. The event was organized with the support of NGO “Belarusian association of assistance to children and young people with disabilities” within the framework of the project “Access to information for people with disabilities or Easy-to-read language”. NGO “BelAPDIiMI” thanks Tatiana Efremova, the designer, and Anna Teselkina, the producer of the show, who are our friends and long-standing partners. The collection Spring/Summer 2018 was demonstrated to the highest standard.


Special attention was paid to pictograms – elements of “easy-to-read language”. Clothes we wear can demonstrate belonging to this or that social group, a nation or a country, it helps us voicing clearly our stand in life. A certain type of clothes helps us to be seen, heard and understood. Pictograms reflect the most important characteristics of an object or a phenomenon so that they can easily be interpreted. They are also used for people with disabilities and give them wide opportunities for communication and interaction. Pictograms in Tatiana’s Efremova collection were used in different ways: they were marked on clothes and decorated with Svarovski crystals, some elements of clothes were made in the form of pictograms and leather keychains and hats were made in the form of pictogrammes too.


A family chocolate lab “Marie T” made a handmade set of sweets with pictograms. When the fashion models gathered together on the catwalk holding the sweets in their hands, everyone could read a message written on the sweets “IT’S IMPORTANT TO BE YOURSELF!”


We are thankful to every partner of the fashion show: sunglasses and spectacle frames chain stores “Primaveri”, designer bags made by Elena Protko, hats by Valentina Plytkevich (ValiumHats brand).

Benjamin Braun, a coordinator of the project “Easy-to-read language” from Berlin (Germany), visited the fashion show. He mentioned that thanks to the art and such events it was possible to attract the society’s attention to very important social topics”.

The easy-to-read subject is a new and very important one in Belarus. Any information written in easy-to-read language will allow people with disabilities to make their own decisions and participate in every field of social life. The project “Access to information for people with disabilities or Easy-to-read language” is being implemented with the assistance of the Support Programme of Belarus. The Support Programme of Belarus is implemented by Dortmund International Educational Centre (IBB Dortmund) on the request of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the German Society on International Cooperation (GIZ).  ​

Kids’ Fashion Day BFW isn’t just a fashion show, but also a social project. Children’s T-shirts with modern patterns were sold within the framework of the fashion week. All money collected will be given to families which look after children and young people with disabilities. These patterns were created by children from our association with the support of wonderful pedagogues from the Fantasy Room Minsk Art & Fashion School.


7 best works were selected by designers of Belarus Fashion Week and were printed on T-shirts. Only ecological materials and safe original water-base ink were used. The printing technology ensures high light, washing and deterioration resistance.  

The patterns on T-shirts were printed with the support of UNDP in Belarus and “Uzortekstil” brand of “Mir shapok” LLC.


We are sincerely thankful to the team of Belarus Fashion Week and all the partners!

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