Outdoor training seminar on the project “Become adult”

DSCN6929Young boys and girls had been looking forward to this event for several months. And now – it happened! From June, 9 to June 19, an outdoor training seminar on the project “Become adult” was held in children’s rehabilitation and health-improving center “Nadejda” (Vialejsky district).
The training seminar was attended by 27 people – young people with disabilities who got or get training on the project “Become adult”, candidates for participation in the project, the manager and staff of the educational dormitory. It was also attended by young people and parents from regional organizations of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” – Logoysk, Gomel, Kobrin. It is planned to establish dormitories for training assisted stay for young people with disabilities in these regions in future.

Different activities were offered to its participants – seminars, trainings, workshops on different types of activities (creation of comfort at home, festive table setting, work with fabric, elements of stained painting, carrying out the Belarusian culture day and etc.).

During carrying out the activities a lot of attention was paid to the group work – in most workshops and seminars parents participated together with their adult children. Fathers and mothers had the opportunity to see their sons and daughters on the other hand, during carrying out new activities, and if necessary – to help a little and to give an advice.

Many activities were focused on the organization of work in a team. Young people with disabilities could feel themselves adult equal partners, along with their parents and staff of the educational dormitory.
Separate workshops for young people and their parents were carried out. “Opportunities and special needs of young people. Strengths of my adult child. Formation of social and domestic skills in a family environment “- for parents, and “What I like, what I can do?”- for young men and women. Classes on the theme “What does it mean to be an adult?” were carried out for parents and young people.
One of the seminars was devoted to the relationship between young boys and girls, friendship and love, the formation of adequate and safe gender behavior, suitable for the physiological age of clients of the assisted stay.
Several meetings were devoted to the personal growth of young boys and girls, the formation of an adequate idea about themselves, their opportunities, needs, plans for further adult life.
These meetings were not attended by parents, it gave young boys and girls the opportunity to feel themselves more adult and independent, to be less constrained, to express their personal opinion, “not looking at their parents”.

Mini – Sportlandias were organized outdoors in good weather.

In one of the first days of our outdoor activity, our participants were offered to undergo a “forest quest” – two groups of participants was given the task to find the hidden on the territory “treasure.” Participants had been doing several mini-tasks until the moment when they reached the goal. “Forest Quest” was aimed at the formation of the team, identifying leadership skills of participants.

In this atmosphere, boys and girls “were growing up” right before our eyes. They became more responsible and independent. Guys from different cities became friends, everyone was eager to help each other and support if somebody could not do something. It was noted both by specialists and parents. As one of the mothers said: “Before this outdoor seminar, I actually did not realize that my daughter is REALLY ADULT! Today I look at her with other eyes”. Parents of young boys and girls with disabilities have a lot of worries and questions: “What will happen when I am not already be? What is the future of my adult child? What can be done now in order he will not get into the psychological boarding institution?

The parents had a good opportunity to discuss issues with each other and specialists, to share their experience and fears.

The main thing is that mothers and fathers have got a hope that their adult children can live in society, that the project activity of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” will lead to further positive changes in the public policy in the field of assisted stay of people with disabilities.

At the end of the outdoor seminar the questionnaire of young people and their parents was carried out.

The content of master classes, seminars and trainings, trainer’s work were highly appreciated by the audience.

The participants noted the accessibility and practical orientation of the proposed material, its variety, the importance of the joint work of young people and their parents in groups, psychological assistance, a high level of the trainer’s work, etc.

On the day of departure, many young boys and girls had tears in their eyes – they really did not want to leave, they became good friends and a real team.


Photo report on the outdoor seminar is available on the forum of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” 


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