Many people like winter not only because it is a very beautiful season of the year, but also because of a wonderful holiday – New Year! Decorations are everywhere, lights are sparkling! People are becoming kinder and happier during the holiday season. New Year is full of magic and mystery. Everyone is waiting for a miracle, a fairy tale and happiness. This holiday is usually celebrated with an unusual enthusiasm, as all the cherished dreams can become true these days. Everyone is looking forward to get the presents they’ve been dreaming of the whole year. And when they receive them, their New Year will definitely be joyful and memorable.

 A celebration of New Year was organized for the members of the primary organization of the Minsk City Organization of the NGO “BelAPDIiMI” in Oktyabrskiy district thanks to the help of Belarusian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War History, Belarusian State Medical College, animal lovers club “Hobby”, farm enterprise “SidSad”, “Transelectrokomplekt” Llc. and additional liability company “Askana”.

The holiday was held on January 5th 2017 in the Centre of modern technologies and development. A magician-illusionist performed a New Year fairy tale. His skills made us believe in a New Year magic. A merry, talented, adroit and charismatic magician showed us real miracles! A mystery atmosphere full of miracles, secrets and humor reigned during his performance!

There were times when dogs were protectors and helpers during hunting. And now they are their owners’ companions. Close friendship with a 4-legged pet makes people invent new ways of interaction with them. One of the examples of such communication is canine freestyle. The members of the animal lovers club “Hobby” have already visited our activities. This time they decided to congratulate our children and youngsters with Christmas and New Year and demonstrate the skills their dogs have.


The dogs were very active and were greatly involved in the process. They performed different obedience commands of their owners understanding their almost inaudible gestures and conventional signs.



A surprise was prepared for the members of the primary organization – Father Frost and Snow Maiden gave sweet presents to our children and youngsters.


This New Year celebration will remain in the memory of the members of the primary organization of the NGO “BelAPDIiMI” in Oktyabrskiy district for a long time.


It is necessary to mention that we celebrated New Year surrounded by our nearest and dearest people. These people tried to do everything to help our children and youngsters feel useful within the society. We received their smiles and positive emotions as a gift.  That’s why we can surely say that our holiday was a success.

We are thankful for the prizes and presents granted to our kids!

Happy New Year! Wishing you joy and happiness all year long!

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