12196068_1007080269313790_6198863460499185381_nFloristic workshop “Autumn colors” for children, young people with disabilities and their parents within the framework of the project “Art for inclusion of people with disabilities” was held by Yulia Antuh.
About the workshop and the project in general, its coordinator Irina Logvin told us:

– “The idea of ​​workshops on different thematics, including floristics, appeared within the framework of realization the project “Art for inclusion of people with disabilities” realized by non-governmental organization “Belarusian Association of Assistance to Children and Young People with disabilities” with support of the US Agency on International Development and it is aimed at forming positive attitudes towards people with disabilities and to overcoming existing stereotypes in this regard.

We want to show that all children, no matter whether they have disability or not – are able to create, make wonderful things and compositions. We work equally at such activities, and so we erase the line, when a person has some limitations. In the process we communicate a lot, have fun.

As for the floristics, it’s our third workshop, we did a Christmas wreath, Easter composition and now we were working with autumn material, leaves. All participants were delighted, they were grateful and happy. We must pay tribute to Julia Antuh, because she do everything very beautiful, professional and at the same time accessible”.










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