A training “Be careful with fire in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening!” was held in the educational institution “Zhlobin state vocational and training college” on May 6, 2017. The aim of the training was to teach young people with disabilities and volunteers interpersonal interaction, organization and carrying out of socially-important activities. The training was carried out within the local initiative “If we stand united, all the problems will be solved!” within the framework of the project “Improved social services to people with disabilities”.

26 youngsters participated in the educational interactive training. Role playing exercises and work in small groups were organized within the activity. All these allowed the participants not only get new skills, but also exchange opinions with other participants.



The aim of the training:

  • to help children acquire skills of safety behavior in the society, to teach them the rules of behavior in unusual situations;
  • to develop skills of interaction between volunteers and young people with disabilities;
  • to systematize knowledge about rules of fire safety and to prepare young people with disabilities to carry out informational meetings on this topic;
  • to help volunteers to use in practice the knowledge in communication with people with disabilities.  


The training “Be careful with fire in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening!”  aroused interest to the problems of self-safety. The participants understand what can be dangerous in communication with other people, objects or natural environment. They demonstrate skills how to behave in different dangerous situations at home when they are alone and in the street. They demonstrate their abilities to orient in norms and rules existing in the society, to realize the importance and necessity of humane and careful attitude towards homeland and environment. They actively participate in socially-important activities and useful work.
Positive results were achieved during the training; conditions were created to ensure step-by-step expanding of communication environment for young people with disabilities. A new meaning of life was found, self-consciousness and interactions were harmonized and self-confidence was raised.


Youngsters were active and highly interested during the training. Most participants were active during discussions, exercises and group work. The participants were relaxed thanks to a friendly and emotionally stable atmosphere which was created during the training.

Following results were achieved on completion of the training:

  • the young people’s interest in volunteering was stimulated and supported;
  • the capacity to support and assist young people with disabilities at emotional and personal levels was formed.

Following goals were achieved:

  1. Every child realized the importance of safe vital activity;
  2. Children learnt to notice people’s behavior, their skills to behave in different situations, to express sympathy and help others;
  3. The interest to the problem of self-safety was stimulated;
  4. Volunteers possessed certain knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for quality assistance and support in the process of supervision of young people with disabilities;
  5. Volunteers possessed certain knowledge about professional activity, methods, techniques and tactics which ensure effective work with young people with disabilities.


The training helped to form “team spirit”, the capacity to act as a team and to listen to yourself and people around you while working together.

The participants’ behavior helped to:

– find right decisions and work out a correct algorithm of behavior;

– form value orientations in the norms and rules of life within the society, the norms and rules of behavior in nature environment, responsible attitude towards your own safety;

– perceive yourself;

– stimulate imagination and interest in research activity, to develop skills of interaction within a group;

– evoke a feeling of pride for bold, courageous and caring people;

– find out a psychological state of the most intense strain which needs to be corrected;

– see that young people with disabilities have an ability to cope with psycho-emotional worries on their own;

– remove muscle tonus, to play role-playing games in order to define a strategy of behavior which allows establishing contacts and achieving the goals which were set;

– teach the participants of the training to use the resources and skills they have and discern constructive and destructive criticism.

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