People all over the world celebrate International day of fight for the rights of persons with disabilities on May the 5th. The aim of this day is to pay the society’s attention to the problems concerning the protection of rights of people with disabilities. It is obvious that their rights to employment, accessible education and infrastructure are not always observed even in economically developed countries.

The Republic of Belarus ratified the Convention of the rights of persons with disabilities in 2016. The main provisions of the Convention match the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus and vest rights to possess full political, social, economical and personal freedoms in persons with disabilities. Ratification of the Convention obliges a country to fulfill its requirements and achieve the following goal: to encourage, protect and guarantee full and equal realization of all the rights and main freedoms of persons with disabilities, to encourage respect for their dignity.

The representatives of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” participated in the XXI International specialized exhibition “Mass media in Belarus”. We were invited to take part in the programme of the institution “Nastaunitskaya gazeta”. We presented a training “Barrier-free environment: inclusive education in mass media” for journalists who cover educational and specialized themes as well as topics which are of interest for students and pedagogues. Pressing issues (physical, informational and communicational, psychological and cultural barriers and obstacles preventing accessibility) as well as problems existing in informational space in respect of covering the topic of disability were discussed during the training.


The project “Access to information for people with disabilities or easy-to-read language” was presented at the exhibition. The aim of the project is to improve access to information space for people with intellectual disabilities and to establish intersector cooperation between NGOs, state institutions, mass media and business sector with the aim to promote the importance and need of easy-to-read language for inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. The project is being implemented with the support of the Support Programme of Belarus. The Support Programme of Belarus is realized by Dortmund international educational centre on the instructions of the Federal ministry for economic cooperation and development (BMZ) and the German society for international cooperation (GIZ).


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