Participation in integration forum

A model of supported employment, which was tested by NGO «BelAPDIiMI”, is being successfully introduced into work of social centres of Belarus!

An integration forum “Accessible labour and employment for people with disabilities” was held within the Week of accessibility in Vitebsk on May 17-18, 2017. Charitable Public Association “World without borders”, the Committee on labour, employment and social protection of Vitebsk regional executive committee and the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities are organizers of the Forum. More than 250 persons from different countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Kazakhstan) and different departments participated in the Forum. The Forum was visited by the representatives of different public associations whose work is related to people with disabilities as well as by representatives of state institutions: specialists from departments on labour, employment and social protection from different regions of Belarus, representatives of the Republican Scientific and Practical Centre of medical expertise and rehabilitation, directors of Territorial centres of social services to population and boarding institutions, social work specialists, legal advisers and psychologists.

4 excursions were organized for the participants of the Forum: Vitebsk boarding institution for the elderly and disabled, unitary enterprise “Elect”, NGO “BelTIZ”, Territorial centre for social services to population of Oktyabrskiy district of Vitebsk and the enterprise which employs people with disabilities.

The specialists of the project “Accessible work” presented the experience of the projects on supported employment and work of the enterprise “ArtIdea” within the section “Work of social service institutions in the field of occupation and employment” to representatives of departments on labour, employment and social protection, directors of Territorial centres of social services to population and business representatives.

Pavel Burlo, an employee of the Private Trade and Unitary Enterprise “ArtIdea”, carried out a master class on making kraft paper packages.  

Topics and questions discussed in 3 sections of the Forum were pressing and important – the participants of the Forum discussed development of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Belarus, organization of self-employment under the support of social service institutions, vocational education and vocational guidance for people with disabilities, work of state institutions, normative and legal regulation of employment for people with disabilities. The model of supported employment is getting more and more popular. Employees of territorial centres provide support to their clients: help them to undergo medical commission, help to register as unemployed in a job centre, help them during an interview with an employer and help, teach and support them at a working place, if there is such a need.


All the participants of the section were interested in the project work of NGO “BelAPDIiMI”, as well as in the results of work of territorial centres which decided to test a methodology of supported employment. All the participants agreed that there is a necessity to give legal recognition to a notion “institute of personal assistants” for people with disabilities who need support in employment. That was reflected in the resolution of the Forum.


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