Circus! Circus! Circus!

Time spent with children is the most precious present parents can give to their children throughout their life. But how should we spend this time? And where should we go with our children? Should we go to a circus, a zoo, an exhibition etc.?

Both children and adults need an abundance of new impressions. That is why visiting different enthralling activities becomes an integral part of an educational process. And circus is the best place to surprise and impress children and give them bright emotions.   

A new programme “Show of gigantic fountains” has been on the stage since March 30, 2017. 30 persons from Minsk (children and young people with disabilities and their parents) could deep into the world of a water show. The programme included colorful fountains with laser installations, gigantic streams of dancing water under the big top of the circus reaching 18 metres height which created a unique atmosphere of a holiday, magic and enchanting water spectacle! Fascinating beauty of bright fountains, marvelous waterfalls, thrilling tricks, spectacular animal training and great clowns’ humor… All these delighted children and their parents!

We were also surprised by the programme of rope-walkers and gymnasts who were making extreme tricks under the big top of the circus. It seemed that they were just about to fall. Our hearts missed a beat. We also liked a number performed by gymnasts right in the fountain. It was amazing!       

You can’t imagine a circus programme without animals. And the show “Show of gigantic fountains” wasn’t an exception. Numbers with dogs, bears and monkeys touched each and every one!

And of course many children wanted to be photographed with a monkey.

The audience could see a 5-minute fountain show at the end of the programme. It was beautiful and captivating.

2,5-hour circus performance was extraordinary! We got plenty of emotions! Though I am a grown-up person it was a great pleasure for me too to visit such an activity. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who presented us this performance!

Marina Lysak, social worker of NGO “BelAPDIiMI”


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