A local initiative “Beginnings” is coming to an end. The initiative had been implemented by the unitary enterprise “Way to life” (Stolin) within the framework of the project “Improved social services for people with disabilities”.

The following activities were planned to be carried out within the framework of the project:

  • To support 19 persons with disabilities who’d been previously employed in the unitary enterprise “Way to life”, to change the quality of goods manufactured at the enterprise, to create new products
  • To train 20 persons with disabilities new skills (sewing and work with ceramics) in the unitary enterprise “Way to life” with a view to find jobs for them in future.

A task meeting “Sheltered employment and job placement for persons with disabilities in Stolin” was carried out on November the 2d, 2017. Representatives of Departments on labour, employment and social protection of Stolin regional executive committee, Territorial centres of social services to population, Stolin primary organization of NGO “BelAPDIiMI”, other NGOs, parents of young people with disabilities who participated in the initiative and mass media participated in the task meeting. Also, employees of the executive bureau of NGO “BelAPDIiMI and the director of the unitary enterprise “ArtIdea” (Minsk) were among the participants. Malvina Vydritskaya, the director of the unitary enterprise “Way to life”, presented the results of the initiative.


Implementation of the initiative made it possible to change the quality of the products produced at the enterprise, to support 19 working places that had been previously created. More than 25 new forms to manufacture items were created.

Young people with disabilities were taught basic skills necessary for creation of clay souvenirs. They learnt how to pug and unroll clay, to use correctly special instruments, to create composition’s details with the help of relief objects and forms, use vegetable materials, create easy things (pictures, handmade decorative plates, pots) etc. 

Difficulties the enterprise faced in the process of teaching persons with disabilities:
• It was difficult for a master-pedagogue to work with a group consisting of so many students;  
• Different levels of students’ abilities and skills;
• Much time was spent to produce one item;
• Low quality of items produced. 

The time spent for training and formation of labour skills wasn’t enough to prepare youngsters with disabilities for their further employment. That is why the head of the initiative thinks that it is necessary to continue educational activities. When the initiative was finished, no one of the youngsters could apply for a job.

The following activities are planned to be implemented within the framework of the task group of the project “Improved social services for people with disabilities”:
• people with disabilities who underwent training within the initiative continue working with clay and develop acquired labour and social skills in a ceramic workshop of the unitary enterprise “Way to life”. Parents of young boys and girls with disabilities will participate in the lessons carried out in the workshop;
• continuation of intense educational lessons on creation of ceramic items for 3 most motivated youngsters with disabilities.

Natalia Ampleeva, the director of the unitary enterprise “ArtIdea” made a speech in front of the participants of the task group.  


She presented the work of her enterprise where people with disabilities work: a long way starting with teaching youngsters labour skills in a social workshop and ending in getting a workplace at the unitary enterprise “ArtIdea”. Also, supported employment experience within the framework of the project work of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” was presented.

Legal issues concerning employment of persons with disabilities were explained to parents.

The following recommendations based on the results of the task group were made:
• to test the supported employment service within the framework of the task group of the project “Improved social services for people with disabilities”;
• to determine the importance of the supported employment service;
• to carry out a working meeting on the results of a testing of the service, to invite an expert in state social order to participate in it;
• to prepare a set of documents to participate in a call for state social order.

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