The unitary enterprise “ArtIdea” and the social and labour workshop “Warm house” are innovative pilot sites where people with multiple disabilities can develop and improve their skills and abilities, where specialized working places are created for this target group. However, development of professional competences is not enough. One should help young people with disabilities to be socialized within the society. Activities carried out for our youngsters are aimed at development of social, communication and professional skills.
Young people visited the Saint Elizabeth Convent located in Minsk on March 31, 2017. We visited 3 churches: the lower church in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, the upper church in honor of St. Elisabeth, the heavenly patron of the Convent and the church in honor of Reigning icon of the Mother.


More than 20 workshops were established within the Convent. Youngsters visited the stained glass workshop, got acquainted with fiddly work performed by craftsmen, found out more about the manufacturing process. At the end of the excursion, youngsters were treated with fragrant bread baked in the bakery of the Convent.

Youngsters visited the Loshitsa Estate Museum to see the exhibition of embroideries on April 3, 2017. Souvenirs with elements of embroidery are among the main products made by the unitary enterprise “ArtIdea”. Some youngsters are experts in making embroidered ornaments for postcards and other souvenirs. Other youngsters from the workshop “Warm house” are mastering this work at the moment. That is why the exhibition aroused great interest in them. They saw different techniques of embroidery: satin-stitch, cross-stitch, gobelin stitch, Petit Point, satin-stitch on a sewing machine.

On April 7, 2017, we had a backstage tour of the Belarusian state circus.  


As vocational guidance is one of the main areas of work of the workshop, much attention was paid to occupations which are of great demand in the circus. Young people were surprised to learn that so many common jobs are needed in such an unusual place. And the most wonderful thing is that youngsters realized that they could perform different tasks too.

Also, youngsters visited the jobs fair which took place in the Cultural Palace of Railway Employees on April 19, 2017.


Young ladies and men asked questions about occupations, salaries and a working time schedule. Approximately 5000 persons visited the fair. The youngsters mentioned a high demand for work and discussed vacancies they got interested in.



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