Promotion of organization’s and target groups’ interests

A training “Promotion of organization’s and target groups’ interests through social mass media and work with important environment” was held in hotel complex “Orbita” from March 9 to March 11, 2017. More than 20 people, activists, leaders and heads of primary organizations (PO) and unitary enterprises of NGO “BelAPDIiMI”, from 17 regions of Minsk participated in the training.

Vasiliy Yadchenko, an employee of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, a consultant of UNICEF in the Republic of Belarus, an editor-in-chief of, a lecturer of the Belarusian State University, a lecturer of the TV school in Saint-Petersburg worked with the participants of the training.

As a result of the 3-day training course, following practical skills were gained by the participants: effective work with mass media (establishment of contacts/cooperation with mass media, attraction of attention of mass media to the problems and activities of PO and unitary enterprises). They tried to work in the role of journalists, learnt to orient in media environment, made a plan of work with mass media and worked out an advertisement for their activities.

Much attention was paid to informational grounds, planning, organization and carrying out of activities.

Participants learnt how to draw up a media-chart for their needs and form lists of candidates for the pool of journalists. The trainer offered the participants of the training following activities: short video films, discussions, teamwork, an interactive case-study, practical lessons, presentations and interesting homework.


All the participants had a bonus – information about local initiatives and activities of PO and unitary enterprises of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” was published on the web-site of the Social News Agency.

The project “Improved social services for people with disabilities” is realized under the support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)


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  1. Интересный, познавательный семинар! Много полезной информации как продвинуть интересы своей организации через СМИ. Спасибо Василию Ядченко, Спасибо всем организаторам встречи.

    Корень З. г. Осиповичи

  2. На курсе я много узнал о правильном написании статьи, попробовал себя в роли журналиста.
    Я научился создавать и вести публичные странички в соц. сетях.
    Василий Ядченко доступно объяснял все темы.
    Благодарю проект «Улучшение доступа к социальным услугам людей с инвалидностью» за предоставленное обучение, теперь я смогу вести страничку ПО ОО “БелАПДИиМИ” в г. Барановичи.

    Гордеев Максим
    г. Барановичи.

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