кр12An unusual boy with one wing was born in one country. People surrounding the boy did not like him for that unusualness. He felt himselfterrifically lonely. One day a magic Bird of Happiness flied to him and said that he would obviously be happy, it is just necessary to listen carefully to his heart. One day his heart started beating strongly-strongly … He met a girl with one silver wing. At last two people with one wing could fly over this city. The question is does our city is a place from which people with wings flied away or it is a Country of people with wings?

Theater “Through the Looking Glass” and NGO “BelAPDIiMI”, within the framework of the project “Art for inclusion of people with disabilities”, with support of the US Agency for International Development, have presented a performance “Silver wings”.

The premiere took place on February 27th in the concert hall “Minsk”.

Author of the scenario: Valeriy Alekseev

Producer: Ekaterina Gavura



Belarusian actors of the theater “Through the Looking Glass”, children’s folklore ensemble “Christmastide”, dance group “IrisShow” took part in the performance. Musical compositions written by the author Valeriy Alekseev were sounded in the performance. It was performed by musicians of a rock group “Queen Maud Land”.

The ballad “Silver Wings” tells that all people perceive the world only from the position that is the most convenient for them. To begin to perceive the world in a different way and to comprehend other position, it is necessary to break the stereotypes. It is not given to everyone … Not everyone aspires to it … It is necessary at least to start thinking about it …


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The performance left only pleasant impressions. Kind, sincere play of actors, excellent performing of folk songs and dance performances – everything was at a high professional level. The author of the scenario, Valeriy Alekseev, shared his emotions after the performance, marked the producer’s work and the acting play of children.



The performance is designed for family viewing.

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