Inclusive playground for children opened in Novopolotsk

On November 30, 2017 grand opening of inclusive playground was held in the territory of Novopolotsk Centre for Corrective and Developing Training and Rehabilitation. Equipment was designed and manufactured by “100 games” LLC (Belarusian company). It was the idea of Novopolotsk primary organization of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” to create an inclusive playground. Unfortunately, the project application wasn’t approved within the call for local initiatives organized within the framework of the project “Improved social services for people with disabilities”. However, if you have a good idea, you will find a way how to implement it! The executive bureau of NGO “BelAPDIiMI” found an opportunity to raise funds. A few donor organizations were told about the project idea, and the Embassy of Poland in the Republic of Belarus got interested in it. They finance socially important projects within the programme “Polish assistance”. The budget of the project was 10 000 euro. The project funds were spent for establishment of 2 playgrounds. One of the playgrounds was mounted in the territory of the Centre for Corrective and Developing Training and Rehabilitation, the second one will be mounted in the city park in spring.



We had very long negotiations with the local administration. Finally, they agreed to take care of maintenance costs of the playgrounds. Implementation of such a project is a wonderful example of cooperation between a local NGO and state organizations and bodies. Such cooperation greatly influences the development of local community, enlarges services both for the target group and for all the citizens. All these are extremely important for development of social inclusion in the country.          

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