The participants of the local initiative “Together towards independent living» and the specialists participated in an off-site practical lesson within the framework of the project “Art for inclusion of people with disabilities (extension: improved services for people with disabilities”. A trip to visit the initiative “Our future is in our hands” located in Zhitkovichi was organized. The aim of the trip was to share the experience and make new acquaintances. The youngsters had to learn to communicate and meet other people, to orientate themselves within a new environment. The youngsters gain very interesting and useful experience during the trip. We were surprised by the unusual place where the lesson was held – on the outskirts of Zhitkovichi, in a small wooden house. One of the youngsters asked: “Where are we?” We saw a wooden hut standing behind high gate. And there was a thin girl who was keeping a bonfire burning.

The hosts kindly invited us to enter their hut. A cozy and friendly atmosphere made the process of introduction of one initiative to another easier.


When tea-drinking was over, the hosts suggested the youngsters to cook shashlik with lard on the fire. The participants bravely bossed around the fire.    

Easy communication during dinner, participation in a master class on folding napkins, an interesting quiz and dances will surely remain in the memory of the hosts and the guests. 


It is important to mention that theoretical lessons which had been previously carried out by the specialists of the initiative “Together towards independent living” for young persons with disabilities gave curtain results.  The boys and the girls were not afraid to tell about themselves, they asked questions and managed to hold a conversation. This practical lesson became a very fascinating trip to remember!


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