More than a roof over the head


1297354823houseHousing is more than a roof over the head.
For majority of people it is the center of life, from which all activities come from and where you can come back any time. Our house, our flat is a place to which, as a rule, we are most emotionally addicted. In general, people with disabilities or without them do not differ from each other with regard to housing needs. However, the ways of satisfying are differ when it comes to different people. These ways are depend on the cultural environment and concrete living conditions.

Norbert Schwarte,
professor, doctor of social and pedagogical sciences, Germany

Non-state organization “Belarusian association of assistance to children and young people with disabilities” together with State Institute of Qualification Raising of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus and the International Center of Dortmund (Germany) within the framework of international joint educational project carry out training seminars for workers of the system of social service “Stay of adult people with disabilities”.
The project is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus.
From the 1st of January of 2013 the service “accompanied stay” has become a part of current legislation of the Republic of Belarus. Service of accompanied stay will be provided by stationary institutions of social services and territorial centres of social services.
Training activities include two training modules. The first was implemented in the period from 30.09 to 04.10 of this year on the basis of state institution “Lida residential center for psychoneurologic patients”
The representatives of Lida Regional Executive Committee, staff of psychoneurologic residential centers, residential centers for children with intellectual and physical disabilities and staff of regional centers of social services of the Republic of Belarus, representatives of public organizations took part in the seminar.
Trained specialists will be able to carry out similar training courses in regions for staff of residential institutions and territorial centres of social services, on topics related to the improving existing practices and new ways of social service.



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