1A big bright and impressive festival was held on March 21. It gathered more than 300 people in Young Spectator’s Theater. The festival was organized by NGO “Belarusian Association of Assistance to Children and Young People with Disabilities” and PUE “Studio Multiks” with assistance of the US Agency for International Development (USAID). The International Inclusive Festival of Children’s  and Youth creativity “Colours of life” –  are stories of creative achievements of young poets, artists, vocalists, singers, photographers, musicians – talented children with special needs and without it from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Presented works and performances impressed the jury members by their professionalism. It was very difficult to select the finalists and winners.

Deputy Chairperson of the Belarusian Association of Assistance to Children and Young People with disabilities Irina Logvin said that this festival is intended to declare about “our children”, to show that they can be successful. “During organization of this activity, we set the goal – to allow children and youth with disabilities to perform on equal terms with those who do not have disabilities. And we are pleased to note that inclusive groups took part in the festival where every person can show his talents on equal terms regardless of similarities and differences.


The festival started its work in the first days of February, children sent more than 50 applications and more than 300 contest works. Works and video was looked through by the professional jury consisting of: Vladimir Baboshin – producer, dramatist and screenwriter; Natalia Kragelskaya – choreographer, Natalia Naumovich – Belarusian pop artist; Igor Volchik – musician, composer, producer; Vladislav Moroz – an artist, Ekaterina Gavura – producer. Within the framework of the festival the jury of the contest had to choose winners in 8 nominations: “Vocal Genre”, “Literary genre”, “Dance genre”, “Instrumental genre”, “Fine Arts”, “Decorative and applied arts”, “Photo skill”, “Original genre”.


Selection rounds were held on March 19 and 20 on the rest base “Friendship”, during which the finalists were selected. They presented their performances and works in the final gala concert on March 21 at the scene of Young Spectator’s Theater. Belarusian artists: TEO, Alyona Lanskaya, George Koldun, Alexandr Patlis, Daria, Zinaida Kupriyanovich – came to support children and perform on one stage with them. The announcer of the activity was a writer, a television director, a screenwriter, a TV presenter Tamara Lisitskaya.



NGO “BelAPDIiMI” sincerely thanks for cooperation, support and assistance in organization of the festival Minsk International Women’s Club of wives of ambassadors, diplomats and foreign representatives, the club’s president, wife of the Ambassador of the State of Palestine Ms. Holud Arikat; Ekaterina Bliznets, director of the producer center  SPAMASH Aleksandr Kupriyanovich, director of the producer center Super Duper Children, family show “Buttons”; Andrey Polupanov, director of “Workshop of social cinema”, Ekaterina Gavura, director of  PUE ” Studio Multiks “.

The main tasks that lay before the organizers consist in providing children with disabilities assistance in disclosing the creative potential, to attract attention of mass media and the public to the theme, to create a memorable event that will help children gain self-confidence. Inclusiveness – a feature of the festival “Colours of life“, in addition, it should be noted participation of children and young people from boarding institutions to which NGO “BelAPDIiMI” strives to provide opportunities for the exit from the walls of institutions and inclusion into different activities in which children and youth can feel themselves necessary, to declare themselves, to get attention of the public.

Teams of design studio “Art-Decor”, studio DPT “Home comfort“, the state educational institution “Center for Complementary Education for children and young people “Svetoch “ in Minsk decided not to divide children by presence or absence of peculiarities in development.” Work with children are held on the basis of state educational establishment “secondary school № 91” of Minsk city named after Jose Marti” and provides all conditions for creative development of students with hearing impairment. However, teams are open to students without psychological and physical disabilities. Works of children with developmental disabilities and children without developmental disabilities were presented at the exhibition of the Inclusive Festival of Children’s and Youth Creativity “Colours of life” in TYuZ. All children’s works decorated with dignity exhibition of the festival in nomination “Decorative and applied arts”.



Funny comedy genre of a wonderful team “Drive” (Grodno city, Sasha Rafalovskiy) with a performance “Musical Instruments” hid masterfully all the differences of participants of the trio.

Instrumental team “Lozhkari” brought fire to the concert were talented students of the state educational institution “Center for Correctional and Development Training and Rehabilitation of Polotsk region” and the vocal team “Berry” (under direction of Tatiana Ivanko). The team in which everybody found himself regardless of presence or absence of peculiarities in development.

Performances of finalists of the festival Olga Ivashina (Grodno) and Ilya Shpak (Brest) were well combined with dance theater “Iris Show”.



Feedback from participants:

Svetoch: “We have participated in this art project for the first time, we have received a sea of ​​emotions and good mood during shooting on TV channel STV in program “Morning of good mood” and colorful and memorable activity in TYuZ. The children liked very much the entertainment and playing program with “buttons” and exhibition works of colleagues, and performances of finalists in different nominations. The festival has given us positive emotions. And who knows, perhaps, participation in this creative project will become for someone an excellent start for successful activity and career of children, and their names will become known outside our Republic. We express you sincere gratitude for giving us an opportunity to demonstrate creativity”

4th boarding school: “Performances of children and young people no one person left indifferent. Our wards have received a big charge of energy and positive. We have also become acquainted with creative works presented in the foyer of the theater. Art and sewing workshops work in our boarding house, so children were very attentive to pictures, embroideries, works from beads and wool. The festival inspired our children very much, and they expressed their interest to participate in such projects in the future. So we will be glad to accept your invitation to participate in such activities. We also would like to mark the high level of organization and a warm friendly atmosphere of the festival “

It is pleasant that the participants posted information and personal photo reports on social networks and express their positive emotions: Yulia and Lena Stefnyak:

“I and my sister have got the first “Oscar”. Not exactly “Oscar”, but very similar statuette that we have received today for the 1st place!!!! Our youth non-governmental organization “Revelation” took an active part in the international inclusive festival of creativity “Colours of life” which was organized  by NGO “Belarusian Association of Assistance to Children and Young People with Disabilities” with assistance of the US Agency for International Development (USAID). The activity turned out to be very colorful and big! It was pleasant and solemn to feel myself a part of such a grand event.


Winners of the festival “Colours of life”:

Vocal genre:

Karina Romysh

Ilya Shpak



Svetlana Zhurko

Literary genre:

Roman Kovalev



Irina Budaj

Anna Yasinskaya

Instrumental genre:

Ivan Cedric



Stanislav Pavlov

Percussion band “Mood”

Dance genre:

Duet “Magic girls”

Sabina Zulfugarova

Ekaterina Zahovaeva and Vadim Strelsky

Fine arts:



Yulia and Lena Stefnyak

Vladimir Lunev

Maria Shchepanovskaya

Decorative and applied arts:

“Art Decor” Studio

Tatiana Gulyaeva

Ekaterina Kostyuchenko

Original genre:

Instrumental team “Lozhkari”



Team “Drive”

Olga Ivashina

Photography skill:

Stanislav Karbanovich

Anton Tokarev

Yuriy Yasinskiy

All winners were awarded with diplomas of finalists, cups, sweet prizes; for the first place – mobile phones, for the second place – MP players with photo and video viewing, for the third place – headphones. All winners in nominations “Vocal Genre”, “Photography skill” and “Literary genre” were awarded with certificates for the annual training in production center Super Duper Children, in “Workshop of Social Cinema” and PUE “Studio Multiks “. Certificates for 1000000 Belarusian rubles from Minsk International Women’s Club were given to six talented participants of the festival who did not come to the final.

The festival “Colours of life” was held within the framework of the project “Art for inclusion of people with disabilities” aimed at forming a positive attitude towards people with disabilities.



Mass media about the Festival:


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  1. 21 марта в Минске прошел инклюзивный фестиваль творчества детей и молодежи «Фарбы жыцця». Ребятам с особенностями развития был дан шанс рассказать о себе, продемонстрировать свои таланты. И какие таланты! Мы услышали замечательные стихи, написанные самими участниками, песни в великолепном исполнении, увидели картины и фотографии, которыми можно только восхищаться. Никого не оставили равнодушными танцевальные номера и игра на музыкальных инструментах. Все услышанное, увиденное тронуло наши сердца, у многих на глазах блестели слезы.
    Фестиваль помог многим обрести уверенность в своих силах, преодолеть барьер отчуждения и найти новых друзей. Хотелось бы, чтобы он стал ежегодным. Благодаря таким мероприятиям мы становимся добрее, внимательнее, отзывчивее. И, чтобы не лишать такой возможности других, очень хотелось бы, чтобы этот концерт показали по телевидению. Выражаем огромную благодарность и признательность всем организаторам и участникам этого замечательного проекта.

    Оскирко Светлана, член Молодечненской первичной организации «Надежда» ОО «БелАПДИиМИ»

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