Provision of assistance to persons with developmental disabilities in the Lubelskie voivodship eyes eastern neighbors

Т.В. Лисовская, кандидат педагогических наук, доцент

T. IN. Lisovskaya,
head of the laboratory of special education of the National institute of education,
candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor.

On pages of magazine of “Ordinary people “want to share their impressions of what they had seen in our neighboring country Poland in the care of people with intellectual development. Perhaps, the information in this article will be interesting for experts, special parents and children have grown up young people, but, as well as all, who need support and understanding. The author of the article like how you can better present the information that was obtained during the visit of the various targeted programmes to support people with disabilities, about клоунотерапии, доготерапии, the phone of trust for disabled guests, annual festival “I HAVE a dream”, about the four stages of entry into the labour market of people with disabilities, the magnificent theatre, in which all of performing the role of “unusual” normal artists and about many other things.

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